A brand-new design experience has been switched on in Leeds and Lawcris is the one chosen to bring this vision to life.

The Komplete Kollection has 63 décors, exclusive in design and available at Lawcris on next day delivery

As soon as the lights go on, a very different, immersive installation awaits at Lawcris to promote Kronospan in a way never seen before in the UK. In addition to its LED-lit displays that immediately trigger the senses, its vibrant interior and unique presentation of the décors allow customers to visually and interactively experience Kronospan’s colourful portfolio. It’s a space where digital meets reality.

All décors are in touching distance and displayed in a easy-to-use coloured display

Lauren Barker, head of marketing, explains: “We wanted to avoid the white, sterile, unnervingly open, noisily tiled, big echoing gallery concept which is so uncomfortable for customers to work in. We have created a fun and compact space where everything is close to hand. It has an enticing flavour of a comfortable loft layout. Customers can scatter their projects on the table, pick out large-scale door size samples, compare, contrast, mix, pile up and get more! It is a playful space with charging points for laptops, USB points for phones and a huge 65in TV to view projects on.”

Mix and match in the playful gallery area with A3 and door size samples

“It has such an appealing vibe. People are using the space as a unique extension to their own office. It’s a room where the doors can close and the worry about disturbing anyone is extinguished. Customers can play their own music and there is no fuss from our sales folk, well, unless they want it. We are truly blown away with the feedback we have had so far. For me as a marketing manager, working with Kronospan, who have devoted so much time and money into this space, has been truly worth it.”

The LED-lit slits in the table allow customers to slot boards right next to each other and walk around to see how the light bounces off the surfaces

The space presents over 100 décors, the majority from the newer Komplete Kollection, exclusive in design and stocked at Lawcris for next day delivery.

Lauren continues: “Customers have never had the opportunity to see the Komplete Kollection in this way before. Customers are flabbergasted when viewing them on a larger scale for the first time. Décors such as the Flows and the Grange Oaks cannot be fully appreciated in an A4 format – to see them on a larger scale really changes everything. There are even routed slits in the table which allow customers to slot boards right next to each other and walk around to see how the light bounces off the surfaces. The addition of natural light really helps in the decision process when looking at contrasts and combinations.”

Be inspired with the large-scale mood board using props and samples

Kronospan have come a long way in the last four years. It is not only Lawcris’s design space they have invested into, Kronospan have spent more than £250m on their UK manufacturing base. The factory has been comprehensively upgraded, streamlined and future-proofed and the changes are evident everywhere. Part of this investment has gone into a brand-new cleaning line for their chipboard production.

Explore, touch and feel the various textures within the space

Dean Carroll, head of procurement, reveals, “We were invited to Kronospan in Chirk, near Wrexham, to see these developments for ourselves and came away speechless. Kronospan use a very high percentage of recycled timber in their chipboard, and this gives materials such as metal and stone the chance to be processed alongside the chips.

“These unwanted items have tarnished Kronospan’s reputation in recent years. It’s been a hard sell to customers. However, since the new cleaning line was launched, things have most definitely changed. The technology is jaw-dropping to witness and is astonishingly efficient. Hearing the positive feedback from the market, I truly believe that customers can now have the confidence to buy the board once again.”

A space where digital meets reality. Kronospan’s APP helps with available textures, sizes and material availability

Lauren concludes: “Kronospan’s ambition is endless. The major step to introduce brand new state-of-the-art technology to clean their recycled timber, alongside their investment into a new design space for the north, plus the exclusivity of their décors, is a significant transformation from a Kronospan of ten years ago. For the UK market, these changes have set the bar extremely high and boosted Kronospan onto a whole new level.

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