Uncertain times need wise investments – increasing the efficiency of the production process with lower costs and a certain ROI is a clever idea.

InfoTEC EVO GO introduces what it describes as a revolution in the production of custom-made furniture. The ground-breaking EVO GO has been designed to increase the efficiency and capabilities of the CNC nesting centre. This technologically advanced, multi-functional solution combines nesting with two-dimentional drilling of furniture panels in just one machine.

Thanks to the specially designed vacuum cups that manoeuvre the workpiece, EVO GO performs fully automated operations, i.e. cutting furniture boards, and both vertical and horizontal drilling in one, uninterrupted processing cycle. All of this without the involvement of additional machines or people and without creating additional waste for the side drilling tool.

The operator’s input is limited to loading the board and collecting ready-made panels. The other manual processes have been eliminated. Ready panels collected from the dispensing table are prepared for veneering and do not require additional processing.

Along with Infocam Cabinet software, this modern environment for designing cabinet furniture with an integrated optimisation module reduces the time of processing the full-size board to only 12 minutes. A great tool indeed to quickly execute the process, from the initial design and valuation to the implementation of a finished product.

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