A growing trend for a contemporary twist on the Shaker-style door has prompted Hill’s Panel Products, the Oldham-based board, doors and fittings manufacturers and suppliers, to build on its range of timeless Shakers to create four new, modern doors – including one completely new style.

HPP’s ever-popular Caraway, Johnson and Shaker doors, all part of the Aspire range and all featuring a traditional 90mm outer profile, are being complemented by the new range reflecting the increasing demand for a slimmer profile – sometimes nicknamed skinny Shakers.

The new additions are:

Mercia – which features a 60mm slim profile based on the current Johnson style door with its one-piece solid outer frame.

Treviso has a 60mm slim profile based on the Caraway style door, which is a solid one-piece outer frame with an angled recess to the centre panel.

Valencia has a 60mm slim profile and is based on the current Shaker style door, which features an outer frame with H section lines.

The brand-new addition to the range will be the Halstead, another Shaker-style door with the slimmer 60mm profile but also featuring a raised centre panel


HPP sales manager Chris Essex says: “The Shaker style is a huge part of the market at the minute. We’ve seen that with our Caraway door, for example, which is proving hugely popular; they’re included in almost every other order. When you look at that with the modern twist it is very contemporary.

“We first started supplying the slimmer Shakers as special-order doors, but the demand has grown to such an extent we think it is the right time to include them in the range. The demand is coming via the retailers, and it’s being driven by people seeing the contemporary look on places like Instagram.”

The Shaker-style takes its name from The Shakers, a religious sect first formed in England in the 18th century but whose members later fled to America to escape persecution. It is renowned for its minimalistic characteristics and clean lines.

All the new additions will sit in HPP’s Aspire vinyl-wrapped range and will be available in solid, glazed, and angled options. Aspire door are all made-to-measure as standard.

Chris adds: “For me, the market still feels very positive. For example, when we look at orders that have been received over a weekend through our online ordering system, it’s still very buoyant.

“I know some of our competitors don’t feel like that, but at the minute we are just pushing on and the new door styles will be a very positive introduction to help us do that.”

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