The end of August brought an exciting trip for Intelligent Fixings to the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, USA. The Peanut Connection System has taken a quantum leap in recent months, culminating with the introduction of two Peanut insertion machines at the Fair!

Intelligent Fixings’ collaboration with two major woodworking machine manufacturers - the German manufacturer Koch Technology, and the Italian manufacturer Omal Srl of Italy – have produced the perfect automatic insertion systems. The state-of-the-art insertion machines allow furniture panels to be machined with the innovative Peanut ramped key hole slot and then Peanut 2 or Peanut 3 components automatically inserted, producing furniture that can be assembled directly from the machine or flat-packed and then shipped to the end user to build on site.

No clamping is required, the components self-clamp using the ramped key hole slot. The machines enable pendulum processing which maximises the working time of the machine, with one user processing hundreds of panels per day! The cost of the Peanut connectors is less than that of similar fasteners, so beautiful furniture with no visible connection is now an attractive and economical reality.

The introduction of the Peanut insertion machines has made the components more accessible to small and medium sized businesses. Companies who wish to increase their production, add end-boring capability, reduce assembly time while creating strong and invisible joints (all at a fraction of the cost of other fasteners) are now able to do so. The development of these machines by Koch and Omal means they can now introduce the same technology into mass production lines.

Excitingly, there are two market-leading furniture manufacturers currently looking to using the Peanut insertion machines for their production lines. Several machines have been placed on order even before their full promotion began! Intelligent Fixings, along with Omal and Koch, has been promoting the Peanut Connecting System and insertion machines across all social media platforms, including Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin. IF’s Youtube instructional videos have been particularly well-received.

IF’s Peanut Connecting System’s range of connectors and accessory products cover all areas of furniture construction; from the single carpenter using the hand-held jigs to companies with CNC machines. With the introduction of the insertion machines, small to mass-producing companies are able to utilise and benefit from this fantastic system too.

Visit the IF website for full details of all components in the range - Peanut 1 for three-axis CNC machines, the invisible Peanut 2 and 3 for jigs, boring and insertion machines and the invisible Peanut 2 Short for jigs and boring machines – along with information on all available accessories and the two new insertion machines.