International Timber, a leading importer and distributor of bespoke, sustainable timber and panel products, has announced stocks of a new FSC certified range of modified timber.

Rhino Wood, of which International Timber is the sole UK distributor, is manufactured from sustainable, plantation-grown pine. It undergoes a process of thermal modification which brings the moisture content down to below 5% and turns the pine from a yellow colour to a more aesthetically appealing walnut brown which will naturally weather to a silver-grey.

It is then pressure impregnated with a non-toxic compound which solidifies within the cells of the timber, creating a long-lasting low-maintenance timber which can rival the durability of traditional hardwood.

The manufacturing process uses waste products as an energy source, and in recognition of their contribution to curbing deforestation, Rhino Wood received the WWF Climate Solver Award in 2014.

Kerry Wardle, marketing manager at International Timber, said: “We are delighted to be stocking Rhino Wood, with stocks due to arrive in Septmeber. This timber is a game changer for the UK market which is struggling with global supply chain issues.

“Not only is Rhino Wood an environmentally responsible choice thanks to its sustainable sourcing, but it delivers when it comes to performance too. The impregnation treatment increases the strength of the pine timber by up to 60% without decreasing its bending ability or elasticity, resulting in a class 1 durability rating – making it ideal for applications such as cladding, decking, pergolas, gates and laminated beams.”