If required, ready-made to measure pieces or even already pressed and edged furniture parts are supplied


Anyone who plans to use linoleum in furniture making should know about Ostermann’s diversity and service. The popular material is offered here in a wide range of colours, either in rolls, made to measure, or as ready-to-install furniture elements.

Linoleum has become an indispensable part of furniture making. This is especially true when it comes to questions of sustainability: linoleum surfaces are made of natural raw materials and produced CO2-neutrally. Furniture makers further appreciate the simple application with white glue. End customers like its matt look and warm, soft feel. Ostermann provides the classic surface material under the name “Desktop”.

There are 22 colours available. In addition, B-grade goods can be purchased as a stabilising layer. If you want to save yourself the trouble of cutting the roll to size, you can use the configuration tool 24/7 and order the product accurate to the millimetre. There are also customised and ready-made furniture elements, such as fronts, with a 2mm thick linoleum overlay on the front and back. Furniture makers will find all information on available surfaces and services under the search item “#linoleum” on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu.

Desktop, Bulletin Board or Marmoleum?

Classic desktop surfaces in many trend colours are shipped as rolled goods. The minimum purchase quantity is one metre. The same applies to Bulletin Board, a high-quality pinboard linoleum. It is available in 18 colours and ideal for creative wall design. In addition, Ostermann offers with Marmoleum numerous embossed and/or marbled decors as furniture surfaces.

At Ostermann, furniture makers can obtain furniture linoleum in many colours and with different decors

Best performance

Companies that have little space or time for exact cutting can order Desktop and Bulletin Board surfaces ready-made to measure. In the convenient configuration tool, you can enter the exact dimensions and quantities needed. The precisely cut pieces fit exactly and can be pressed immediately after delivery.

No time? No problem!

All other production steps such as pressing and edging can also be delegated to Ostermann if required. In this case, you get ready-to-install furniture elements with a linoleum overlay. Here, too, the order is placed quickly and easily via the configuration tool. As substrate material, you can choose between chipboard and multiplex birch boards. For the design on the edging, there is a range of solutions – from decor-matched ABS to aluminium and multiplex to wood veneer.

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