Following a busy year of European exhibitions, customer meetings and in-house events, CAD/CAM and ERP specialist, CAD+T has presented its latest range of customisable software solutions for the interior design and manufacturing industry.

The Austrian developer, who offers custom solutions for all business sizes from small, bespoke craftsman all the way through to large scale manufacturing companies who have switched to industry 4.0 – has showcased its new EOS product family for license and data management, online shop and e-commerce solutions, as well as CAD+T configurator professional. The intelligent configurator, which can also be installed in combination with an e-commerce interface - automatically creates engineering drawings, parts lists, price calculations and exports data based on pre-defined parameters.

The launch of the Austrian software specialist’s brand new contactless parts tracking software and hardware solution has also gained significant interest. Using RFID technology, it detects the presence of either individual components or complete units during the manufacturing, assembly and logistics stage required to fulfil an order, whilst also identifying plan deviations and measuring processes of individual production for error-free parts tracking and connected production systems.

Martina Schwarz, CEO of CAD+T adds: “We’ve had a brilliant response to our latest releases and it’s our software’s flexibility that continues to get noticed. A big benefit of CAD+T’s solution is its modular construction. We are not selling a one-off all-encompassing product. Instead, our software is fully customised so our customers get a product that is specific to their requirements. One company may only need a singular small design element and a cutting list; others might need a complete solution with RFID parts tracking and invoice control. What we supply depends on the modules required to achieve the desired results. That’s what gives our software the edge.”