Furniture in gold or with decorative elements in gold is back in style and we will soon see a lot more of it. In line with this trend, Ostermann offers various matching solutions for the narrow surface of the board.

We have already gotten used to the sight of gold-coloured accessories in interiors again. In the future, you will even find the elegant colour again on entire furniture surfaces.

Ostermann has the right edgings in store to cover the narrow surfaces. Among these, ABS edgings with a real aluminium finish are a particularly high-quality solution.

They are just as easy to process as standard ABS edgings. A thin layer of real metal gives their surface a realistic look. But even with ABS material alone, soft gold tones can be created. In the following, the Ostermann experts present five selected solutions that round off golden surfaces or highlight furniture when used as accentuating edging.

All versions presented here are available directly from stock and can be shipped in small quantities from one metre. Furniture makers will find more information under the search item ‘#Highlights10’ on the Ostermann website

How to blend in pieces of gold

Touches of gold look particularly elegant on anthracite grey or black plain boards. Whether you combine them with glossy or extremely matt surfaces does not matter. What counts is the end customer’s personal taste and, of course, the setting in which the furniture is supposed to be placed. A golden edging can also be applied to dark wood decor boards, giving them a stylish finish.

With real aluminium finish: Alu Oro Cortez

With the ABS edging Alu Oro Cortez exclusive matt brushed, you get an unusual furniture edging which is not only in line with the gold trend but at the same time meets the trend for matt surfaces. The 1mm thick ABS edging matches the Fenix NTA matt metal finish of the same name. The metal finish gives it a particularly high-quality look.

With real aluminium finish: Alu Gold Brushed

If you prefer your golden edging to shimmer and are looking for a quality solution, you should seek out the ABS edging Alu gold brushed. Just like Alu Oro Cortez, it has a high-quality real aluminium finish. The brushed texture and metallic sheen add a warm hue. This edging is available from Ostermann in three different thicknesses (0.5, 1 and 2mm) for a wide scope of possible designs.

Velvet gold look: ABS Edging Brushed Brass

With its fine Linea structure and its restrained, warm colour, the ABS edging, available in thicknesses of 1 and 2mm, appears very realistic even without a metal finish. The velvety gold shade not only matches Egger’s decor board of the same name, but also goes excellently with wood decors, especially boards with a slightly reddish base tone.

ABS Edging Sierra Gold

The ABS edging Sierra Gold gets a slightly antique look due to its cloudy colour play. It is available in 2mm thickness and perfectly matches Pfleiderer’s surface of the same name.

ABS Edging Gold Brushed

The ABS edging Gold brushed wood pore is slightly darker than the velvet-gold brushed brass variant and significantly lighter and calmer in decor than the Sierra Gold edging. With its warm gold tone, the 1mm thick edging can also be used perfectly as an accentuating edging on plain-coloured boards.

Europe’s largest immediately available range of edgings

Ostermann has all furniture edgings readily available in their own warehouse. As stock items, they can be ordered by 4pm to be shipped on the same day. In order to maintain this pace even with the growing variety in the product range, the company is continuously investing in state-of-the-art storage and shipping technology.

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