To help minimise dust exposure to operators, Elcon have developed and patented an award-winning dust collection system, LIMPIO.

As standard Elcon panel saws have an effective extraction point from the enclosed saw head. The majority of the blade sits within the saw guard during cutting providing adequate dust removal for most operations. When cutting fibrous or cementitious boards such as MDF, Gypsum or GRP on a regular basis, additional extraction methods should be considered to minimise operators exposure to potentially harmful dust.

For maximum extraction efficiency the LIMPIO system includes a rear dust capture tray. With its own secondary extraction point that travels directly behind the saw head whether cutting vertically or horizontally. The point of cut is almost totally enclosed, sandwiched, with the machine extracting dust from both sides of the cut. Dust emission values are reduced to less than 0.5mg/m3.

The LIMPIO system is available on the majority of the Elcon range. Machines cater for all standard sheet material sizes as well custom built frames for bespoke applications.

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