Cabinet hardware expert Titus has launched its versatile new-generation T-type hinges that reliably deliver the soft closing action preferred by end users. The new hinges require only a shallow hinge cup, which makes them suitable for use with door thicknesses ranging from 15 to 26 mm, and they have passed FIRA tests for BS 6222-2-2009, Test Level H.

The T-type hinges feature the renowned Titus ‘Confident Close’, the consumer-preferred reliable and consistent soft-close damping characterised by late-start deceleration and quiet landing in the last stage of closing as the door leans against the cabinet side. The proprietary Titus multi-purpose integrated damping technology is positioned transversal in the hinge cup, ensuring life-long damping with no bounce-back and superior performance.

In addition, the hinges are exceptionally tolerant of misalignment and drilling variations. Their unique 3Way tool-less snap-on mounting plate, which offers intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions, greatly simplifies door installation, especially with tall doors that need four or even five hinges. The unique design of the mounting plate reinforces stability and rigidity while maintaining smooth hinge operation.

The hinges feature the renowned ‘Titus Damper Inside’ technology, which ensures reliable and consistent life-long damping without rebounce. The dampers are single-direction hydraulic types that are fully sealed to eliminate the possibility of oil leakage. The damping is easy to adjust, which maintains consistent performance on doors with a wide range of different dimensions and weights.

Titus T-type hinges can be supplied with cross-mounting plates or with linear mounting plates that simplify both hinge alignment and hinge-to-plate attachment. The new hinges are fully compatible with Glissando TL and the TitusTUS Push Latch.