If you want to combine materials and surfaces in a trendy way next year and set colourful accents in the process, you will not be able to avoid matt and warm red tones. Fashionable are edgings with a rusty brown, terracotta or wine red colour...

At the current furniture and supplier fairs, wood and stone décors in combination with matt plain colours are the order of the day. In addition to a variety of grey tones, it was mainly shades of green as well as warm yellows and reds that caught the eye.

For all those who have decided on red as the basic colour, the Ostermann experts once more offer recommendations for the matching edgings. All edgings are available directly from stock and can be shipped in small quantities from 1m. Furniture makers will find more information on the mentioned products under the search item “#Highlights12” on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu.

Rust or Paprika?

Are you searching for a colour that goes in the direction of paprika, terracotta or rust? Then Ostermann recommends the ABS edgings Bison, Oxide red or Ceramic red. The shades range from light rust to earthy terracotta to warm copper brown and are reminiscent of the intense colours of dried and ground paprika.

Due to the orange-yellow colour components, the edgings can be combined very well with light wood décors or surfaces in rust look, but also with concrete or black metal elements.

Wine Red is always a fine choice

Less yellow and more bluish colour components can be found in the Ostermann edgings Rosso Askja, Wine Red and Rosso Jaipur. The two Rosso variants, by the way, were sampled by Ostermann to match the extremely matt surfaces of the same names by Arpa Industriale. They combine well with dark wood decors, but also with dark marble or other dark stone decors. The new trend colour “gold” is also a perfect partner for wine reds.

Edging or full service?

Businesses that want to edge their boards themselves will find at Ostermann Europe’s largest immediately available range of edgings and benefit from the company’s many services in this sector.

The latter include a quick delivery as well as coating the edgings with hotmelt adhesive or functional layers for processing with zero bondline technologies.

If there is a lack of capacity for in-house production, Ostermann also offers custom-made fronts and furniture elements. Among the available options, of course, are the two extremely matt Arpa Fenix finishes Rosso Jaipur and Rosso Askja.  

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