An entertainment room by Infinitus Bespoke Interiors using Medite MR products


Sustainable sourcing is on top of the global agenda in tackling emissions particularly within the construction and manufacturing industries. Furniture & Joinery Production caught up with to Rebecca Goldsmith, Product Manager MEDITE SMARTPLY to get their take on the dominant manufacturing issue of our age.

“As a market leading manufacturer of environmentally conscious engineered wood panels, commitment to sustainability is core to all levels of our business at MEDITE SMARTPLY; from our sustainably managed forests, to the manufacture of low embodied carbon materials, which contribute to sustainable building. This provides furniture makers and joiners great peace of mind when it comes to choosing the right materials for their project,” says Rebecca.

Working more sustainably

“As a company, we are endeavouring to become a recognised industry leading sustainable manufacturer through a number of ways. Firstly, it is our ambition to move towards carbon neutrality by 2030. Carbon neutrality refers to balancing emissions with removals before offsetting residual. We can do this through scope 1 (emissions that are direct from owned or controlled sources) & scope 2 (emissions that are indirect from purchased sources).

“Secondly, we aim to support our customers and partners to be able to demonstrate their reduced impact on the environment by 2030. Going forward, we plan to run customer workshops with chosen clients to identify areas where support can be given.

“Thirdly, we will also be working with our suppliers to reduce our impact on the environment by 2030 (scope 3 – this covers all of the other indirect emissions throughout the company’s supply chain, including transport, purchased goods and use of products sold).

“Lastly, we are committed to being a net zero manufacturing company by 2050, reducing carbon emissions across our business and supply chains,” says Rebecca.

“Our business has been sourcing 100% green electricity since 2021, which has helped to further reduce our carbon impact. Currently, 95% of energy sourced by MEDITE SMARTPLY used across our direct operations is renewable.

Innovative MDF panels

MEDITE SMARTPLY’s environmentally conscious products ensure a sustainable building material, storing carbon throughout their lifetime. Sourced from their sustainably managed forests in Ireland, MEDITE SMARTPLY’s engineered wood panels are proof of their commitment to creating products that contribute to sustainable and healthier environments.

“Furniture makers and joiners can benefit from the durability and flexibility of engineered wood panels to meet the project aspirations of their clients,” says Rebecca. “The MEDITE MDF range includes MEDITE MR, a moisture resistant MDF panel designed for use in humid conditions, MEDITE PREMIER, a multi-purpose MDF ideal for furniture, shelving and domestic applications and for applications where flame retardance is required, there is MEDITE PREMIER FR.”

The range also includes MEDITE CLEAR, a MDF panel manufactured with no added formaldehyde, which has been developed specifically for environmentally sensitive interior applications such as nurseries, schools and museums.

“All MEDITE MDF products are also CARB2 compliant, which puts the brand at the forefront of ‘low formaldehyde’ innovation in Europe,” concludes Rebecca.