Excellent versatility and quality even with the most complex machining operations and delicate materials. The latest from SCM in edgebanding and squaring satisfy the most varied quality design production needs, from industry to artisan work.

New heights in quality design edgebanding, both for artisan businesses and large industries. A world premier from SCM at the recent Xylexpo event in Milan for two technological solutions designed to meet the most complex and current demands in panel machining, even on the most delicate materials: the Stefani SBX squaring-edgebanding machine and the Olimpic 500 edgebander.

Stefani SBX high precision squaring for outstanding machining

The new industrial Stefani SBX squaring-edgebanding machine features the most advanced technological solutions developed by SCM, like the Servo electronic units and other optimisations aimed at achieving levels of finishing quality and squaring of the upper panels superior to current standards.

Stefani SBX can be used in stand-alone mode or as part of integrated lines and is synonymous with a high investment return, as it is a squaring-edgebanding solution with the best price/performance ratio in its market segment.

One of the main advantages is high productivity: Stefani SBX has been designed to operate reliably and without interruption over several shifts per day, seven days a week. It can reach machining speeds of up to 40 m/min with an interspacing of 350 mm even with a machining change, and can square and edge a vast range of panels with a thickness of between 8 and 60 mm.

Another significant advantage is the high squaring precision and parallelism: the extremely solid new single-block structure, the innovative squaring units and the use of 13-cog feed pinions significantly reduces the vibrations even at high speed.

The glue can be changed without having to stop the machine: the exclusive “glue switch” system designed by SCM allows the colour and glue type to be changed easily and instantly. This occurs thanks to an additional glue basin other than the one already found on the machine, complete with motorisation, and the option of different pre-melting combinations depending on production needs.

Thanks to the new Multiedge devices, just in time machining up to three beams can be achieved and an infinite variety of slim edges, as well as panels with projecting veneering and panels with holes for hardware.

The high-quality finishing is also guaranteed by the “electronic touch” units with power-assisted technology that make the squaring-edgebanding even simpler and more intuitive, even with the most complex machining work and on delicate, trending materials. An automatic, flexible set up that can offer excellent finishing quality and constant performance on all machining work.

SCM’s new squaring-edgebanding machine has been designed to offer an annual energy saving of 10% and a considerable reduction of 50% on the wear of the edge. Its gluing is so precise that it guarantees minimum waste even at high speeds.

Added to this are the advantages for a connected, integrated production. Stefani SBX has an exclusive digital control system with 3D additive preview of the piece being machined and allows you to work in perfect synergy with other technologies and MES computer and management systems at the factory.

Stefani SBX is a highly configurable and customisable squaring-edgebanding machine, designed to offer maximum versatility. Indeed, there are 11 possible configurations with a vast range of unit options to meet any production requirement and make it more efficient.

Olimpic 500: all the advantages of an edgebander even in limited spaces

Complete and highly versatile, Olimpic 500 is an edgebander for artisan businesses capable of achieving a wide variety of machining operations in a small space, though always with high standards of quality.

Available both in pneumatic and electronic set up version, Olimpic 500 allows you to machine two real beams on all the units and panels up to 60mm thick. All this by continuing to guarantee excellent quality standards thanks to the machine’s extremely sturdy mechanical structure and the Multiedge devices found on all the operating units, including the two-motor rounding unit.

Its high versatility is another of its key advantages. Indeed, it is possible to perform a simple, automatic glue change, EVA and Polyurathane, thanks to the SGP-E glue basin, designed to achieve a perfect joint line.

The new Olimpic 500 edgebander is also unique in its kind with its hot-air plastic edging brightening unit for an outstanding finish to the panel.

Its use is even more user-friendly. The state-of-the-art, touch-screen control panels, with new 15in Eye-S console, and Maestro active edge software provide the operator with an efficient and intuitive working experience, as well as guaranteeing maximum connectivity and synchronisation towards the corporate systems.

There are a wide range of advantages thanks to the high-end technological solutions, drawn from machines from higher-end segments of the market, and so many other options can be customised to suit the customer’s needs.