At the heart of the home, the kitchen has become a multi-functional and social space. Transcending from a mere culinary room to a shared space where family members also work, chat, and do homework. Consequently, designing a harmonious and uninterrupted kitchen workflow and a well-planned storage space is crucial.

With this in mind, King Slide introduced a series of SIMLEAD Metal and Wood Drawer Systems which perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. This all-mechanical push open and soft close drawer design provides users with the ultimate convenience and efficiency throughout the home. Accessing your drawers has never been made so easy!

Why choose SIMLEAD Drawer Systems?

Home storage planning has always been a major part of every design strategy. Devising a fluid flow throughout the house is just as important as maximising storage spaces within the limited space. SIMLEAD drawer systems help you do just that.

With 13mm ultra-slim metal drawer sides, no space is wasted whilst maintaining beautiful cabinet designs. Two loading capacities – 40kg and 70kg – plus a synchronised gliding motion design ensure that the drawers operate smoothly and silently even if lots of heavy cookware are stowed.

• Eight-way adjustments

The built-in adjustments mean that any irregular drawer gaps resulting from installation inaccuracies can be easily rectified, helping you achieve flawless drawer alignment.

• Four heights with assorted side panel designs

From 97mm to 249mm, you can choose a drawer height most suited to your storage space.

Our assorted side panel colours, patterns, and designs include four standard colours, Streakline, Carbon, and many other Motif designs. An abundance of choices for a variety of interior design styles. From traditional to modern and luxury styles, you can find a panel design that complements and enhances your chosen style.

Three revolutionary designs with safety considerations

SIMLEAD drawer system ensures the safety of your home spaces. Rest assured that there will be no more injuries caused by popped-out drawers for junior and senior persons at home.

• Ever-active push open design

Lightly touch open your drawer when your hands are busy. The gentle and smooth opening motion ensures that the drawer stops softly if it comes into contact with an object. To continue extending the drawer, simply touch it again to reactivate the push open mechanism. Better still, the drawer closes elegantly with no ‘bounce backs’.

• Vibration Safety Design (VSD)

Injuries among young children attributed to tipped-over cabinets have long been a major area of concern for parents. Similarly, accidental drawer openings commonly observed during the transportation of furniture as well as earthquakes are problematic. King Slide’s SIMLEAD drawer system with VSD effectively secures the drawers in the cabinet and prevents injuries or damages to the drawers in these instances. This vibration detection design is a safety feature exclusive to King Slide.

• Switchable push open design

An additional safety feature – disable the push open function while retaining the soft close feature with a simple flip of a switch. You may wish to switch it off if you have young children at home or when you have guests around the house. Likewise, it is an exceptionally useful design ensuring the safety of the personnel involved with moving furniture.