When designing and fitting a new kitchen of any size or style, it’s the details that are key to its success. Blum knows all too well how important the components of drawers, cabinets, pull-outs and interior fittings are to any scheme. In every good kitchen, Blum in motion ensures its ergonomic fluency, ease and enjoyment of use.

For customers who are seeking a personalised and individual aesthetic from their fittings, design freedom is at their fingertips with Blum’s LEGRABOX, which is now available in a sleek and sophisticated Carbon Black colour.

The new Carbon Black LEGRABOX is designed in line with the ongoing trend for dark and dramatic palettes for cabinetry and surfaces. Retailers can incorporate the new colour even in minimum quantities thanks to the option of final assembly on site. Choose from LEGRABOX pure with metal sides or LEGRABOX free with design elements made from glass, wood or other materials.

Blum’s LEGRABOX takes any kitchen design to the next level. As well as a sleek and stylish finish both inside and out, it incorporates minimal opening forces, a synchronised feather-light glide and the flexibility for both retailers and their customers to implement three different motion technologies.

Whether dark or light wood, matt finishes or high gloss, dark accents can also be added to cabinets with hinges that enhance an elegant aesthetic. The new Carbon Black colour for LEGRABOX can also be complemented with Blum’s onyx black hinge. Its subtle point of difference creates visual impact in a sophisticated way. This sleek onyx black finish is available on all Blum’s standard hinges as well as profile/thick door hinges and blind corner hinges.

Blum storage solutions can be found in kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and home offices.