Titus T-type Black looks amazing mounted on oak wood


Titus’ furniture hardware solutions have been improving homes around the world for decades. They increase the quality and facilitate assembly of furniture, giving a significant competitive advantage to manufacturers and improving the consumer experience.

Their most popular components are the T-type concealed hinge that has a tool-free 3Way snap-on mounting and the TeraBlack range that offers an attractive black matte hardware finish to enhance the appeal of cabinets.

Titus T-type is ideal for kitchen applications

T-type – the fastest hinge on the market

Titus offers a comprehensive range of hinges for every door. The latest innovation, the T-type, enables time-savings at cabinet assembly and assures a lifelong consistent performance on a wide range of doors.

The T-type hinges with integrated soft closing assures above-average consistency of performance with no bounce effect and reliable closing at all closing speeds. A unique solution that works on doors of different dimensions and weights, with no rebounce.

The 3Way snap-on mounting system makes them exceptionally easy to install, with an intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions (from the front, the back and the top). Mounting cabinet doors – even on large heavy doors with multiple hinges – has never been this easy.

Titus T-type assembly

The range has recently been extended to include pie-cut (bi-fold) hinges for corner cabinets, which fit standard drilling patterns and feature convenient ‘double lock’ opening. This means users can either open just one door leaf to get excellent access into the cabinet interior or they can fully open the doors by locking the hinge cup and make the door leaves work as one.

T-type is a high-performance hinge that allows for misalignments of drilling patterns up to 0.6mm. Even in case of misalignment drillings, the hinge performs at its peak capabilities and always ensures smooth and perfect close in every cycle.

T-type with ConfidentClose, creates the consumer preferred way of damping, based on results of Titus research made in UK, Germany and Slovenia. It is characterised by fast closing, late start of deceleration action and quiet landing with SoftTouch. The damper is placed in the hinge cup with its positioning transversal to the hinge cup, and can be easily adjusted to suit different types of doors.

Titus T-type Black really looks the part of dark colurs, white and timber finishes

TeraBlack is much more than a colour option

With a close eye on emerging trends in the international furniture market, Titus has developed TeraBlack versions of many of its most popular products, including its hugely successful T-type hinges, TL5 ‘full metal jacket’ dowels, shelf supports and its push latches. The new Tera (Titus Enhanced Resistance Application) versions feature an exceptionally attractive non-reflective black finish, which is not only visually appealing but also highly resistant to corrosion, uniform and consistent. The T-type TeraBlack hinge has a smooth, uniform surface with a velvet feel which absorbs light and reduces reflection.

Particularly well suited to applications in high-end premium kitchen furniture, Titus TeraBlack products fully meet the requirements of designers and consumers looking for unobtrusive yet attractive cabinet hardware. They have highly uniform surfaces and a velvet feel that complements their quality and enhances consumer appeal.

Titus push latch and shelf support Black combination

“At Titus, we put a lot of effort into monitoring developments in the furniture sector and recently we’ve seen a growing demand for matt black cabinet hardware,” said Phil Beddoe General Manager at Titus UK. “We weren’t satisfied, however, with the idea of responding by simply offering another colour option – we wanted to offer a market leading solution that combined a visually appealing dark matt finish with genuine and valuable product benefits. And, drawing on our unique expertise in cabinet hardware development and manufacture, that’s exactly what we’ve done with the new TeraBlack versions of our products.”

TeraBlack joining plates on door

The new TeraBlack products are Titus engineered solutions supported by tightly controlled, repeatable and efficient processes that provide a high level of corrosion resistance and consistency throughout the lifecycle of the product.

TeraBlack complements all — standard and on trend — furniture designs in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and offices.

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