James Latham, one of the UK’s leading independent materials distributors, introduces Shinnoki 4.0, Decospan’s new range of premium, pre-finished real wood veneered panels.

Exclusive to the distributor in the UK and Ireland, this new Shinnoki collection combines cool and contemporary timber decors with an almost unmatched degree of strength and resistance.

Showcasing the kind of beauty only real wood can bring, Shinnoki 4.0 comprises 18 different styles, within six distinctive collections, to suit almost any taste. This starts with the subtle, lighter-coloured ‘Washed Stone’ and ‘Pure Natural’ through to the darker-hued ‘Sultry Browns’ and ‘Luscious Blacks’.

Pre-finished perfection

Manufactured with a real wood veneer, bonded to a 100% sustainable MDF core, Shinnoki’s pre-finished boards are manufactured with the highest levels of care, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

With the authentic look and feel of full-bodied timber, every Shinnoki panel is treated with Decospan’s signature six-layer varnishing technique, meaning they are scratch-proof and water-resistant, able to withstand the demands of busy interior environments. The addition of a subtle, super matt coating and a deep brushing also makes the material soft to the touch whilst enhancing the texture of each grain.

The full range includes matching panels, veneers, and edge banding, ensuring complete consistency. Not only that, they’re made using Decospan’s proprietary MixMatch technology to create a uniform surface, with a linear grain effect, using only the choicest cuts of veneer to never compromise on quality.

Form and function

Suitable for a wide variety of consumer and commercial applications, now including horizontal use, it can be specified for walls and ceilings as well as furniture, from kitchen cabinetry to standalone pieces.

Crucially, from a fabrication point of view, Shinnoki offers that real timber look and feel, with the added benefit of lighter weight, greater consistency, and easier machining. It’s taking ready-to-use veneered panels to the next level, with a product that truly combines luxury and functionality.

The fact that every panel already comes brushed, stained, and lacquered means it requires no additional finishing. This alone offers the potential for buyers to achieve significant savings and efficiencies, whether on a large-scale residential development or on a busy furniture production line. No longer is hand treatment the only way to achieve the perfect finish on wood panels.

Even better, it’s incredibly easy to install, and low-maintenance, simply cleaned with a dry or damp cloth, providing further reassurance to homeowners, facility managers, and cleaning contractors alike of Shinnoki’s quality and durability.

Quality at every level

Finally, each panel comes with a guarantee that all the timber used in production has come from responsibly managed, FSC®-certified forests. Furthermore, Shinnoki is only produced using wind and solar energy, guaranteeing a carbon-neutral material from cradle to gate.

Panels are 2790 x 1240 x 19mm, composed of two layers of veneer and an MDF core, available exclusively from James Latham in the UK and Ireland in packs of 25 sheets.

For more information on the Shinnoki range, go to www.lathamtimber.co.uk/products/veneered/shinnoki.