Stand-alone E4 nesting machine


Maxicam CNC has experienced substantial growth since its initial introduction into the UK and Irish markets in 2010 as the exclusive dealer for Maxicam-Excitech CNC technology. Now in its thirteenth year of operation and with an expanding product range, Maxicam-Excitech has established a reputation for delivering high-quality products that offer optimal performance and proven reliability within the industry.

In response to a changing market influenced by rising costs, customers are increasingly seeking automation solutions. Maxicam-Excitech possesses the capability to provide complete CNC solutions, functioning as a batch size 1 smart factory with interconnected modules that encompass automatic material warehousing, automatic nesting, edgebanding, six-sided drilling, and board storage.

In addition to these interconnected solutions, Maxicam-Excitech also offers each machine type as a standalone unit, or as part of an independent production cell configuration.

Stand-alone six-sided drilling machine

Production cells effectively reduce the need for human labour while minimising errors, enabling the automation of high-demand areas, such as edgebanding with return conveyors, high-speed, six-sided drilling of flat panels with manual or robotic loading and unloading.

To further enhance the range of machines, whether connected via automation or utilised as standalone manufacturing cells, our company forms a strategic partnership with leading furniture software provider Wood Designer.

Workflow from software to CNC

Polyboard streamlines the design process for kitchens or fitted furniture projects with just a few clicks while harnessing the powerful capabilities of OptiNest for seamless integration with the nesting CNC.

Labels can be applied to panels automatically or manually, providing valuable information such as batch numbers, edging specifications/placement, and barcodes for scanning automatically loading program data on the drilling machine.

In addition to automated solutions for nested furniture production, Maxicam-Excitech supplies high-quality five-axis machining centres with generous work volumes ranging from 1200 x 1200 x 500mm to large-format five-axis machines with a working volume of 6000 x 3600 x 2000mm.

The year 2021 witnessed significant growth in five-axis sales, with numerous installations across the woodworking market featuring the popular E8 and E9 models.

Installation of five-axis CNC router at Waywood Bespoke

Both machining centres are available in multiple table configurations, including single-table or twin-table models. The fixed gantry moving table design enhances cutting precision while providing a larger working volume for processing intricate 3D shapes – ideal for woodworking companies seeking to tackle complex projects.

To schedule a demonstration or engage in a detailed discussion about specific requirements, contact the Maxicam sales team.

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