Five new super matt colours have been added to the Avanti Opus off-the-shelf doors collection by Hill’s Panel Products (HPP) as it evolves its stock door range to keep abreast of trending colours and styles.

The new painted additions – Indigo Blue, Monument Grey, Light Grey, Soft Grey and Angora Grey – are all imported from Europe and treated with anti-fingerprint technology relatively new to the UK market.

Opus Light Grey

Opus Monument Grey

Opus Indigo Blue

Opus Angora

A High Gloss Graphite has also been added to the collection, while some colours are being phased out to leave the ongoing range with five super matt and five gloss options.

“We have been re-evaluating the whole of our Avanti stock door offering, with a view to refreshing the range,” explains Vicky Downs, senior buyer for the Oldham-based manufacturer and supplier of board, doors, fittings and accessories for the KBB industry.

Opus Dust Grey

Opus High Gloss Graphite

“Several of the colours have been in the range for quite a few years and although they have sold well for us, they now need replacing with some of the new modern colours that are emerging into the industry.”

Keeping HPP’s multiple ranges on-trend is the job of its keen-eyed buyers, led by purchasing manager Gary Kinder, who closely monitor trends all over Europe to spot those they think will transition to the UK market.

By visiting the European trade shows and suppliers they look out for emerging trends and get a feel for what is likely to hit UK in coming months. Gary and Vicky recently attended the Interzum trade show in Cologne, Germany, for example.

“There was a good vibrancy to the show this year and it really felt like things were getting back the normal following Covid,” says Vicky.

“There continues to be a lot of development on painted oak effect structures and new uni-colours. While many of the exhibitors were showing reeded style frontals in various guises such as glass, painted finishes and foil-wrapped products. This is a trend that seems to be gathering momentum.”

The Avanti off-the-shelf furniture doors are all available for next-day delivery nationwide and, as well as the new Opus colours, HPP has recently added two new super matt additions to its Juno skinny Shaker-style collection – Light Grey and Angora Grey, which join the existing décors in Dust Grey, Black, Indigo Blue and Highland Green.

Juno Angora

Juno Light Grey

HPP first introduced the Avanti collection to great customer acclaim in 2011 and has seen it go from strength to strength over the years.

The current range consists of:

  • Opus – available in matt white or a range of high gloss finishes with an integrated J-Pull handle
  • Juno: a thin-stiled version of the classic Shaker door, available in five on-trend décors.
  • Quadro: a classic Shaker-style door with grained painted effect décors.

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