The result of three years of global research and development, Häfele’s Metalla hinge range was created with quality and long-term performance firmly in mind. But even better than that, customers who’ve swapped their usual hinge for the Metalla 310 have reported saving up to half of their usual spend, making it one of the most valuable fittings in the toolbox.

Specially designed to give kitchen manufacturers and installers a high-quality choice, whatever the application, the Metalla 310 offers a large assortment suitable for wide-angle openings, post hinges, and 30- or 45-degree openings. It’s available in a soft-close or a non-soft-close variant, and is ideal for standard installations such as common 110˚ angle openings.

The Metalla 310 hinge has been tested to at least 40,000 cycles and 48 hours against corrosion resistance in accordance with EN 15570 level 2 / LGA quality certification. It also comes with a 25-year guarantee, meaning furniture joiners and installers can be confident they’re providing customers with complete reliability, ease of use and enduring quality.

As well as proving itself to be one of the highest quality hinges on the market, the Metalla 310 also has huge commercial benefits for businesses in the sector, making it the hinge you shouldn’t be without.