The innovative Quickfit TL5 “Full Metal Jacket” dowels from cabinet hardware expert, TITUS, provide strong, reliable joints in all types of wooden materials, including MDF, chipboard and solid wood. This means that it is no longer necessary to use different dowels for different materials, or to reinforce joints by adding supplementary wooden dowels.

In addition, the new dowels – which are part of the TITUS “Engineered for Your Kitchen” programme – offer fast, tool-free insertion, reducing assembly time by up to 50% for home-assembled furniture. Alternatively, for maximum efficiency in volume production applications, they can be inserted automatically using TITUS FastFit machines.

Quickfit TL5 dowels, which are used in conjunction with TITUS Cam5000 cams, incorporate an expanding steel sleeve that provides high resistance to torsion and pull out. This ensures rigid furniture construction, with complete freedom from the tendency for joints to loosen over time. Furniture using the dowels can also be disassembled and reassembled repeatedly without compromising joint integrity.

The dowels are designed for insertion into a 5mm hole and, on insertion, they positively and reliably engage with the hole, greatly simplifying subsequent assembly steps. When edge inserted, the dowels immediately engage with the cam and remain securely positioned until the cam is tightened.

A further key feature is that the special design of the dowel head adopted for these innovative and time-saving products means that the performance of Quickfit TL5 dowels is unaffected by edge-to-hole-centre (ETHC) tolerances of up to ± 1 mm. Therefore, they easily accommodate not only drilling inconsistencies – but also the natural movement of wooden panels.

The dowels can be supplied in versions to suit ETHC dimensions of 24mm and 34mm. The required hole diameter for the face board is 5mm, and for the edge board 8mm. The minimum hole depth in the face board is 12.5mm.