Partnering with Europe’s leading machine manufacturers, Daltons Wadkin offers a unique portfolio of planer moulders from Kuper, Ledinek, and SCM. From entry level four-sided planers to high-speed moulders capable of operating at speeds up to 1000 m/min, the team at Daltons Wadkin has been providing solutions to joinery firms, moulding specialists and sawmills across the UK and Ireland for over 120 years.

SCM: pioneers in moulder technology

With a rich legacy of innovation, Italian firm SCM provides a diverse range of machinery, from basic four-sided planers to advanced CNC- controlled units.

The SCM Profiset 40 is an ever-popular solution for streamlining planed timber production in workshops. It comes with four heads and allows for finished sections up to 180 x 105mm, complemented by a long infeed straightening table and adjustable speed feed.

For moulded timber production, the SCM Profiset 60EP series offers up to five heads, along with an optional universal head. The “EASY PLUS” electronic control feature, which includes a 7-inch LCD overhead display, facilitates rapid and precise settings for spindles and feed speed.

Kuper: robust machinery for joinery and sawmills
German manufacturer, Kuper, combines proven heavy-duty engineering with a range of control systems and head configurations. Powered programmable axis control, tool store memory and bar code scanning features are available through Kupers K2 Professional and Advanced control system – an intuitive touch screen interface.

Using traditional spindle sizes and a choice of conventional and disposable tip tooling, Kuper planer moulders can be tailored with cutting circles up to 200mm or more for deep projection moulding, splitting operations and glazing bead recovery. A choice of up to nine working heads and simple ProLock® spindle systems enhance productivity.

Ledinek: high-speed, high-volume solutions

Slovenian manufacturer, Ledinek, is an industry leader in ultra-fast planer moulders that prioritise rapid retooling, low downtime, and minimal maintenance. These machines are built to handle extreme volume requirements under tight schedules as demanded by high capacity sawmills.

Ledinek’s machinery is designed for both strength and speed, featuring feed speeds ranging from 200m/min to 1000m/min, oversized tooling, high-powered motors, and advanced features like cooled bed plates and high-performance ceramic-coated pressure shoes.

Unparalleled support

No matter how large or small your company, support is crucial. Daltons Wadkin has built upon its 120-year history of engineering excellence by continuously expanding and investing in its support team. The factory trained, regionally based team provide onsite engineering support and operator training to ensure maximum return from your investment.

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