Traditional crosscutting is one of the most dangerous operations in any workshop. As the industry skills shortage deepens, employers are looking for ways to keep pace with production while reduce skilled labour and maintaining a safe working environment. In this way, Salvador automatic crosscut saws from Daltons Wadkin provide a valuable solution.

A Salvador not only delivers safety, but boosts productivity, reduces waste, reduces labour costs and ultimately saves money. In addition, a cutting accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm speeds up product assembly further down the production line, with no time-consuming reprocessing required.

For high-volume production there are three Salvador models available. For 90° cutting, the Salvador SuperPush 200 and 250 models feature programmable cutting lists with optimising and defecting facility as standard. The heavy-duty pusher runs up to 120 m/min and will process pieces up to 110 kg. The cutting time can be regulated between 0.1 to 2 seconds depending on the material with an ‘intelligent’ pressure beam adjusting to single piece and pack cutting.

Varying lengths of timber are loaded onto the static or optional chain infeed table before the machine scans and measures each piece, individually optimising the lengths to be cut to ensure maximum yield.

A range of out feed options are available for the SuperPush models, including waste trap door, tilt-and-return collection plane, automatic outfeed length selectors and label or inkjet printing.

For angle cutting, the Salvador SuperAngle 600 crosscut will optimise and defect angled cutting lists up to +/- 70° with a precision of +/- 0.1°. The automatic setting of each saw angle cuts takes no more than one second, positioning from 0 to 70°. As with the SuperPush models, the SuperAngle is available with chain infeed loading and automatic outfeed options depending on customer production requirements.

All Salvador automatic crosscut saws are equipped as standard with full PC control running powerful but intuitive cutting list and control software. The machine can run in standard cut-to-length mode, optimising mode, or defecting mode. Cutting lists can be programmed directly at the machine or remotely from an office-based PC with files uploaded via a network connection or USB drive.

Daltons Wadkin is proud to claim that it is the longest-established woodworking machinery supplier in the UK, and has been supplying the latest crosscutting technology for generations. Established in 1901, the company ethos is to help customers ‘machine smarter’, by providing the latest advances in machinery, training and support. The company’s growing team of regionally-based service engineers and rapid response help desk ensure operators are affected by minimal downtime.

Alex Dalton, fourth-generation family member and company director enthuses on all things Salvador: “As sole distributors for Salvador crosscut saws in the UK and Ireland we have established ourselves as crosscutting experts with extensive experience with industries manufacturing a range of products including joinery, garden equipment, housing, doors, windows, parquet flooring, joists, pallets and cases”.

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