As a leading machinery supplier, Daltons Wadkin is well versed in solving customers’ production issues. A growing area of concern for many operators of industrial woodworking machinery is dust exposure in the workplace. Enter the iVision range of extraction units. Developed specifically for highly effective dust capture, they offer a wide range of open and closed sided filter options for working with softwoods, hardwoods and sanding dust.

At first glance, wood dust may seem benign, but prolonged exposure to these tiny particles can lead to a variety of health complications. Inhalation of wood dust has been linked to respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and nasal cancer. Certain wood types, like oak and beech, have even been classified as carcinogenic to humans when their dust is inhaled. Beyond the immediate health threats, a thick layer of accumulated dust can also become a fire hazard, especially in the presence of sparks or high temperatures.

For traditional woodworking machinery where a high-volume low-pressure rate is required, the iVision Wood 180 and 360 models feature high flow centrifugal fans delivering up to 4300 m³/ h and can be linked with existing machinery for auto start stop function.

When dealing with dust capture from a CNC router, a low-volume-high-pressure system is preferred. Designed specifically for use with CNC machines, the iVision Flat Table delivers up to 320 mbar of static pressure with a flow rate of 550 m3/ hour. A large overhead ariel arm supports the flexi hose above the CNC machine to allow unrestricted movement around the bed.

Filter monitoring is key to any system. With this is mind, iVision have introduced a touch screen control system that gives a clear visual indicator of the filter performance. Taking it a step further for true industry 4.0 connectivity, each iVision unit can be centrally monitored from any office PC with a web interface allowing workshop managers to remotely monitor the performance.

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