Pictured: Shaun Hill, edgebander veteran, is a new addition to the Daltons Wadkin service team

Leading machinery supplier Daltons Wadkin has expanded its engineering support and training services to cover edgebanders from SCM, Felder, Homag, Holz-Her and other manufacturers.

“Thanks to our unwavering dedication to customer support and aftercare, the demand on our service department continues to grow year on year,” enthuses Daltons Wadkin service director, Cliff Sharp. “As a company, we prioritise keeping pace with customer requirements and exceeding expectations.

“We are continually investing in new talent, expanding our regionally based team of mechanical and electrical engineers while continuing the training and development of existing staff.”

New to the Daltons Wadkin service team is edgebander veteran, Shaun Hill. Shaun completed his apprenticeship at SCM and has also gained considerable experience on Felder edgebanders, carrying out installations and service work across the UK and Ireland. Shaun will be the first of two edgebander specialists joining the service team this autumn.

“We are continually investing in new talent, expanding our regionally based team of mechanical and electrical engineers, while continuing the training and development of existing staff,” continues Cliff. 

To help ensure consistent quality and reliable output from any edgebander, four key areas need regular attention: servicing, setup, tooling and training. To this end, Daltons Wadkin has developed a unique offering of tiered services designed to address these critical aspects.

Stage 1 – service

This includes electrical, pneumatic and mechanical checks to ensure the correct and safe operation of the machine. Cleaning of air filters, motor fans, tracks and drive gears. Greasing of linear bearings, checking glue pot condition and other critical points. Identifying/advising of any parts, which for any edgebander are vital to limit downtime and prevent breakdowns.

Stage 2 – setup 

With the current tooling inside the machine, Daltons Wadkin takes a step-by-step approach to the set-up of your edgebander for all materials being edged. Focusing on pre-milling adjustment, glue application, deflection on all units ensuring a consistent finish, end trimming saw adjustment for both flush and angled cuts, rough and fine trimming adjustment, corner round set up including pressures/speeds, setting up the radius scrapers to give a smooth radius, and finally making sure that the glue scrapers, buffers and spray units are giving the best finish possible.

Stage 3 – tool change

Changing the tooling following a service and set-up is crucial to keeping the finishing quality high. This includes changing the pre miller blocks (or tips), end trim saws, rough and fine cutter tips, corner round profile tooling (or multi-radius), radius scrapers, glue scrapers and buffer pads. After all the tooling is changed the units are set up, giving a perfect finish, radius with no chatter marks and smooth corners.

Stage 4 – training 

For the novice and experienced learners, the focus is on key functions of the machine, correct setting, adhesive identification, correct tooling set-up, safe working practices, identifying hazards, troubleshooting advice and full practical assessment.

“Edgebander servicing needs a specialist approach,” continues Cliff. “Our staged support package allows us to work with customers, addressing their specific needs while aligning to a strict protocol so nothing is left to chance.”

As with all service visits carried out by Daltons Wadkin, customers can expect a detailed report of work completed with any recommended remedial work. Service reports are stored in a secure cloud platform along with any breakdown reports, building up a historical maintenance record for your equipment.

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