Two innovative new products have been added to the successful range of T-type hinges from cabinet hardware expert, Titus. The T-type PressTo offers fast and easy tool-less hinge mounting, while the T-type-i 170 allows cabinet doors to open to a full 170º with an integrated damper.

Like all products in the T-type range, the new additions reliably deliver the soft closing action preferred by end users, and are suitable for use with door thicknesses from 15 to 26 mm.

The new T-type PressTo is securely locked to the door simply by pressing on the integrated mounting lever. No tools are needed, and an audible click confirms that the hinge has been properly mounted. This arrangement simplifies hinge installation and saves time, and is equally suitable for factory- or home-assembled products.

Developed to allow full access to cabinet interiors, the T-type-i 170 combines wide-angle opening with an integrated damper to ensure smooth, controlled operation. It offers exceptional stability throughout its operating range and provides zero door protrusion at a door opening angle of 90º, making it an ideal choice for use in kitchen units with inner drawers or pull-out systems.

T-type hinges feature the renowned Titus ‘Confident Close’ – the consumer-preferred reliable and consistent soft-close damping, characterised by late-start deceleration and quiet landing in the last stage of closing as the door leans against the cabinet side. The proprietary Titus multi-purpose integrated damping technology is positioned transversal in the hinge cup, ensuring life-long damping with no bounce-back and superior performance. 

In addition, the hinges are exceptionally tolerant of misalignment and drilling variations. Their unique 3Way tool-less snap-on mounting plate, which offers intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions, greatly simplifies door installation, especially with tall doors that need four or even five hinges. The unique design of the mounting plate reinforces stability and rigidity while maintaining smooth hinge operation.

Titus T-type hinges have passed FIRA tests for BS 6222-2-2009, Test Level H and can be supplied with cross-mounting plates or with linear mounting plates that simplify both hinge alignment and hinge-to-plate attachment.