Surface treatments are playing an increasingly crucial role in elevating the aesthetic and practical quality of a piece of furniture, a fixture or a wooden floor. This is why SCM was an early pioneer in this sphere, offering an extensive range of products and services for machining wood – including its exclusive solutions and skills in terms of Superfici finishing – as well as its capability for designing, developing and manufacturing complete machines and plants for painting.

Compact XL Sprayer 

One sprayer worth giving a special mention to is the new compact XL which, starting from the solid bases of Superfici compact, offers high levels of production capacity and reflects the company’s values, increasingly focused on saving energy.

Some of the key advantages include environmental care and a considerable reduction in consumption. This is thanks to a more efficient paint recovery system – which helps reduce waste by maximising productivity – and an advanced recycling of air volume, which optimises performance and can be saved in formulas that can be called up for different spraying cycles. All this “spiced up” by a completely new design. 

Compact XL also facilitates fast, maximum-level cleaning thanks to the dual filtering system and patented on-demand filter – an innovative, fast cleaning system for the paint recovery unit and ventilation conditions that are always excellent in the spraying environment.

The new Superfici solution stands out for its increasingly simple, more integrated use with other SCM group technologies thanks to the new Maestro Active Finishing software control.


The UV LED polymerisation system utilises several UV monochromatic sources of different wavelengths to achieve a controlled multi-chromatic emission in a wider spectrum compared to pure UV LED radiation. 

This allows you to achieve chemical-physical performances fully comparable with standard UV polymerisation, while maintaining the typical advantages offered by LED. 

Technology for the polymerisation of paints is highly advantageous in terms of eco-sustainability, thanks to the reduced energy consumption of LED light compared to bulbs. Furthermore, UV LED lights do not require special disposal because they do not contain any toxic elements, like mercury, which is essential for the functioning of classic UV lights.

Last, but not least, the UV LED lights guarantee exceptional finishing quality, especially in the case of thermal-sensitive materials, because only a minimum amount of heat is released during drying. This ensures that the number of scraps falls drastically, and the finish effect is next to none. 

Superfici has engineered this technology, which proves to be versatile on a wide range of products, suited to standalone machines as well as high-productivity machinery and lines.


For extra-opaque effects on the finish of the most varied end products and materials, another new entry is the Superfici Excimatt.  Excimer technology offers surprisingly smooth effects with high levels of opacity to satisfy the latest design trends.

Another important advantage is the possibility of achieving particularly resistant surfaces over time. Thanks to the excimer drying treatment in the inert chamber, results with an extra-matte finish and very low Gloss are realised without the addition of chemical additives. This can be achieved thanks to the micro-structuring of the surface which provides incredible resistance against scratch and tread marks, without compromising the warmth and smoothness to touch.

SCM Surface Technologies

The addition of Superfici to the Group has made SCM a unique benchmark for the market in surface treatment processes. SCM Surface Technologies is an all-around, integrated offer of sanding, pressing and painting products and services to satisfy each process requirement for the creation of exclusive, sophisticated and trending surfaces.