At the heart of every Holz-Her edgbander is the Glu Jet system. Well-known amongst panel and door manufacturers for offering consistent, high-quality waterproof glue applications and invisible glue lines, the patented system has sold over 50,000 units since it was first launched.

Standard on all Holz-Her edgebanders – from the compact, entry-level Artea series to the fully automatic Lumina – its benefits continue to surpass traditional gluing systems, offering huge time saving credentials and a wealth of automated features designed to reduce the level of skill required to create superior edges. So, how can the Glu Jet system save on time, money and labour? Here’s how … 

Invisible joints on all edges

With Glu Jet thin film technology, the glue penetrates deeply into the panel, providing a strong and invisible joint when using PUR. From state-of-the-art, high gloss edging right up to thick cross sections in solid wood, the Glu Jet makes flexible manufacturing a reality. And, unlike laser applications, the system delivers zero glue lines on solid wood, melamine, HPL, real wood coil and veneer. 

Four-minute automatic cleaning cycle

The Glu Jet offers a complete cleaning function at the touch of a button. It takes just four minutes to run a complete cleaning cycle – even when changing from EVA to PUR. Other processes, which involve expensive nitrogen tanks, can take 12-14 hours to complete the same job. The sealed system also prevents glue from burning, discolouring or emitting adhesive vapours. Plus, hybrid technology allows you to change from coloured to neutral glue quickly, giving you the option to colour-match your EVA or minimise the glue line thickness when using PUR.

Big energy saving credentials

From zero to operating temperature in just three minutes, Holz-Her’s Glu Jet is extremely energy efficient, especially when you consider a traditional edgbander can take over 15 minutes to reach its required temperature. Using just 2.3kw – three times less than a standard pre-melt machine – it offers a potential saving of over £3,000 per year on your energy bill. 

100% adhesive force, always! 

The Glu Jet only ever melts the glue that is needed, ensuring that the glue always maintains its full adhesive force without losing strength from repeated heat-up. This process also saves energy, too. 

Fool-proof application

The Glu Jet features an optimised infinitely variable slot nozzle that automatically adapts to the thickness of a panel and compensates for any tolerances. This guarantees precise coverage and strong, clean joints between the panel and edging, even on panels with highly varying thicknesses.

Simple operation 

In conjunction with iTronic, the Glu Jet delivers automated intelligence for highly varying applications on your edgebander. It recalls glue quantity and pressure settings at the touch of a button, returning managed, repeatable results whilst eliminating errors and reject parts.

Size matters

The XL GJ702 Glu Jet station allows users to process 2kg glue cartridges, which are significantly less expensive than conventional PUR granules. A worthy investment for those using 2kg of PUR glue per day. 

These popular edgebander models come with the Glu Jet system and feature a wide range of state-of-the-art technology that is carried through the Holz-Her range. As standard, these machines offer pre-milling, trimming, corner rounding as well as a complete finishing area with radius scrapers, surface scrapers, buffers and options for sprayers all within a compact footprint. 

ARTEA Series 

  • Edging thickness up to 5mm
  • Workpiece thickness up to 50mm
  • Including corner rounding (Artea 1030) 
  • Feed 9mm

AURIGA Series 

  • Edging thickness up to 8mm
  • Workpiece thickness up to 60mm
  • Feed: 10 m/min
  • Up to 11 NC servo-axes


  • Edging thickness up to 15mm
  • Workpiece thickness up to 60mm
  • Multiple profile milling technology
  • Feed: 10–18 m/min
  • Up to 22 NC servo-axes