Daltons Wadkin, a leading name in the woodworking machinery sector, is proud to announce exceptional growth in sales of the Kimla Industrial BPF CNC router in the UK and Ireland. This cutting-edge equipment sets a new standard in CNC machining, offering unparalleled processing speed, build quality, operating system, and ease of use.

The Kimla Industrial BPF CNC router is engineered to exceed the expectations of modern woodworking and fabrication businesses. It is adept at working with a vast array of materials, including wood, MDF, plywood, aluminium, composites, cardboard, and plastics. Its multi-purpose capabilities make it an indispensable tool for any business seeking versatility and precision.

Precision engineering

The router utilises linear drive technology. This contactless positioning system uses high-precision magnetic drives on the X and Y axis, delivering unparalleled precision, speed and performance. As there are no moving parts, maintenance is minimal.

Custom built

Kimla’s impressive European manufacturing facility produces hundreds of CNC routers, waterjets and fiber lasers every year. Each machine is expertly built to order, meeting each customer’s requirements.

Automatic tool correction

Standard across all Kimla models, this feature prevents operational errors by automatically adjusting the tool length after each change.

Cutting heads

Clients can choose from various configurations of heads, including high-speed routers, oscillating knife, creasing wheel, drag knife and more.

Software excellence

Kimla CNC machines are powered by PC-CAM, an intuitive, fully integrated CAD/CAM software suite, compatible with most file types. Engineered in-house by Kimla, the system ensures compatibility from software to controller to drives.

High-speed machining

The Kimla BPF features High-Speed Machining (HSM) with Dynamic Vector Analysis Control, processing up to 15,000 lines of G-code per second for a flawless cutting finish.

Daltons Wadkin stands behind the Kimla Industrial BPF CNC router with a commitment to exceptional product support. Its network of regionally-based technicians, coupled with a technical help desk, ensures that its customers experience minimal downtime and receive the support they need, when they need it.

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