Finsa presents Fibrapan Bio and Fibranatur Bio in a commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability through its decorative solutions.

As a brand that is innovative by tradition, Finsa is dedicated to designing and producing technical and decorative solutions derived from wood. For more than 90 years, Finsa has focused on continuous improvement and investment in production and product development, allowing it to offer a selection of decoratives, veneers and textures that meet the needs of the interior design and manufacturing industries. This is certainly the case with Finsa’s latest launches – Fibrapan Bio and Fibranatur Bio.

The award-winning Fibrapan Bio is a wood fibre board manufactured with bioadhesives that have been obtained from the bark of the tree itself, and with a paraffin of plant origin that allows the board to have a content of natural components greater than 99%.

Made with local wood from sawmill by-products and responsibly managed forests, with PEFC/FSC certification, Fibrapan Bio is BREEAM, LEED, WELL and LBC certified for its sustainability properties as it is a healthy and responsible alternative that uses an adhesive whose production does not interfere with the food chain. Due to its biological origin, Fibrapan Bio has no added formaldehyde, holding the same emission levels as natural wood.

Fibrapan Bio is manufactured using Finsa’s exclusive SIPS (Steam Injection Press System) technology, which allows rapid curing of the bio resin and exhaustive control of the density profile and moisture distribution. This process allows for unrivalled machining properties and quicker preparation times to reach a quality finish. As a panel that is Service class 2, its moisture-resistant properties make Fibrapan Bio the “first MR MDF to be made from over 99% biological material”, ideal for demanding applications in humid environments.

To provide a decorative solution, Finsa is launching Fibrapan Bio combined with a natural wood veneer – Fibranatur Bio.

Finsa is considered a market-leading brand for veneered boards, known for its consistent quality, and possesses one of the largest production facilities in Europe. Fibranatur Bio will be added to its vast UK stock range in Plus Grade European Oak sourced from sustainably managed forests and available through Finsa’s distribution network. Other species are also available from the company’s Natur and Studio Natur ranges.

For more information and to request samples of Fibrapan Bio MDF, contact Lawcris or visit the company’s website.

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