The humble concealed hinge is so common that there can’t be many homes, offices or workspaces which don’t contain at least a few of them. Although the standard design has been refined, most manufacturers still use the same basic cup, hinge and plate layout used for over 50 years. However, some applications demand something different.

For heavy doors, it’s possible to increase the number of hinges to cope with the weight, but this can make fitting difficult and clutter the cabinet with too much hardware. For some applications, the interior would benefit from being kept clear, with no hardware contained within the cabinet space. Why spoil a beautifully designed and crafted piece of furniture with standard hardware?

 Jet Press has partnered with Salice to stock several solutions worth considering when you’re looking for something a little more specific.

 The Air hinge is mounted into the face of the frame, so there’s no hardware at all in the cabinet interior. Soft-close is standard, with Nickel and Titanium finishes from stock.

 For heavy-duty doors (up to 48kg), the Conecta Hinge is a practical and stylish choice, with multiple mounting options and cover plates to achieve a premium finish.

 Drop-down and lift-up cabinet doors are also covered by the Pacta and Wind ranges. Both are compact, soft-close solutions with neat covers to keep cabinet interiors tidy.

 For more details on these and more innovative hardware solutions, search for Salice on the Jet Press website or call the sales team on 01623 511811.