Those looking for a fully integrated software solution that offers immediate benefits to their operation are well catered to by Austrian CAD/CAM and ERP specialist, CAD+T. The company has developed a unique range of software solutions designed to optimise workflow and increase efficiencies throughout a business. 

Whether a small, bespoke craftsman or large-scale furniture manufacturer, CAD+T’s software offering has been created with customisation in mind. Not limited to mainstream furniture manufacturing, its modular construction makes it an extremely flexible option that has the ability to adapt as a company grows or a product range evolves. This means it can quite easily accommodate a step-by-step implementation process or full end-to-end solution – whatever is needed to elevate a production cycle. 

From the initial design stages, which may require fast and flexible planning of all interior requirements, to efficient production set-up and CAD/CAM production data or ongoing procurement and stock management and operational control that offers real-time feedback via RFID, mobile App and QR/Barcode, the software package is created around the customer. 

What’s more, each module has the intelligence to run through a single source which automatically transfers accurate data between different departments, making it quick and easy to significantly reduce cycle times, minimise human intervention and remove the threat of human error. 

“We do not sell a ‘one size fits all’ software package because each and every one of our customers are unique,” says Martina Schwarz, CEO of CAD+T. “That’s why our complete range of software solutions are fully customised in order to meet our customer’s needs. Some customers may need only a small design element and automated cutting lists to streamline their production; others might need a complete solution that includes RFID parts control, tracking and invoice management. What we supply depends on what you want to achieve and how you want to do it.

“Plus, as your business changes, so too can your software modules thanks to our dedicated software specialists and simple installation. That’s the beauty of our products.”