The Conturex Artis+ offers the benefits of five machines in one. Part of a growing series of machines, the powerful Conturex Artis is an entry-level CNC system that offers small- to medium-sized window and door manufacturers a complete solution for machining profiles, proving you don’t need to sacrifice flexibility, accuracy or speed when producing small batch sizes. 

Batch size one & zero downtime

The Conturex offers complete automation at the push of a button. As it doesn’t rely on any jigs or fixtures, it can go from any one window component to another in direct sequence and automatically. This means zero change over time on all parts, including profiles and length profiles and other ancillary operations including mortice or dowel for mullions/transoms, hinge recesses and vent slots. 

Malcolm Cuthbertson, Managing Director of Weinig UK 

Unmanned operation

Even the basic Conturex Artis+ is equipped to typically run for 20-30 minutes without any human intervention and up to three hours when equipped with an automatic loading system. This not only eliminates the downtime associated with loading, unloading and retooling but also reduces the number of operators needed and the level of skill required to set up and run the machine efficiently. 

Virtually unlimited designs

The range of window styles that can be manufactured on the Conturex is virtually unlimited. All common types of timber window can be produced without any difficulty and the flexibility of the machine is really only constrained by the physical working envelope: length 175 – 3500mm; width 40 – 260mm; thickness 25 – 150mm and the tools available.

Adaptable tooling

With a maximum tool diameter of 340mm and tool weight of up to 12kg, the Conturex allows for mortise and tenon joints to be created with absolute precision. With a maximum slot depth of 140mm, this technique can also be used for doors.

Power Grip RePos easy offers even more flexibility with thin profiles and new window systems

Flexible machining

It features a standard three- or four-axis 30kW main shaft that allows profiling to be carried out in a single step. A universal 17kW spindle with five-axis technology is also available on the Conturex Artis+.

Reduced floorspace

The Conturex performs five operations in one, replacing the need for several machines, including a drilling machine, morticer and/or CNC. This not only simplifies production but reduces the space needed on the floor.  

Power consumption

Based on previous installations in real-time settings, the Conturex reduces energy consumption by 50% when compared to a standard window line. There is also additional saving when you consider the reduced machinery needed in the factory. 

Tool maintenance

Designed to be far easier to change and maintain tools than a conventional window line, the Conturex offers easy access to tools, fast tool removal and replacement and can still be used if the tool under maintenance is not required. 

Clever design

The Conturex offer complete and precise machining in one clamping process thanks to the RePos clamping table. The patented technology allows variable clamping of the workpiece and automatic movement of the machined pieces inside the machine, providing maximum precision and quality even on thin profiles and new architectural window systems. For complex clamping situations, groove clamping can also be used. 


A user-friendly WMC control interface includes Weinig CAM – a complete and easily programmable 3D CAD/CAM system for customised designs. Additional features also include Weinig Sim simulation software which is designed to highlight potential errors during the running cycle and energy recuperation modules. 

Weinig’s Conturex series will be demonstrated at Holz-Handwerk from the 19th-22nd March 2024.