OVVO products are a range of cleverly engineered, award-winning, invisible connectors that make joining wood simple. During 2023, OVVO continued to innovate and launch new and exciting products to expand the range and capability of its connectors. The company launched the OVVO OD830 Dowel and the Drilling Housing set (DH1&RD12) and introduced the OVVO PET CNC machine.


This new self-clamping, glueless, invisible OVVO Dowel (OD830) is designed for connecting cabinet parts and all types of furniture using standard drilled holes on both sides of the joint, thereby simplifying the panel processing operations while continuing to provide all of the benefits of OVVOs’ proven tools-free assembly methodology.

The OD830 is inserted into the panel without any glue to form a permanent joint in 15mm panels and above. These new connectors make it even easier for manufacturers to incorporate OVVO into their standard processes, saving time and money by eliminating glue and case clamping time. No additional equipment or capital is needed to deliver tools-free assembly products to the end customer. Watch out for OVVO’s smaller 6mm version, the OD640, coming in early 2024.

The new Drilling Housing set 

The new Drilling Housing (DH1) is also specifically designed to work in standard drill patterns. The DH1 works along with the RD12 (End Boring) or the RN12 (Face Boring) to form a permanent joint in 15mm panels and above. These parts only require standard drilling processes during production to make processing quick and easy.


OVVO recently announced a strategic partnership with ProEdge Technology – a leading vendor in CNC insertion machines. The PET CNC OVVO is “the only machine in the industry with insertion capabilities for all OVVO connectors”.

OVVO connectors are installed during the manufacturing process so the end-user can simply click/push together cabinets, shop fit-out components, door frame assemblies or furniture without the need for tools, screws, or glues. The result is an accessible, sustainable product that saves time, money and effort. Manufacturers can also benefit from significantly reduced shipping costs, as items can be shipped flat-packed.

New for 2024

Introducing the latest addition to OVVO’s permanent drilling family – the PD6. The PD6 complements the already successful PD20 (15mm) and PD10 (12mm) products. It increases the variety and thickness of materials that can be used, working in panel thicknesses as thin as 8mm when used without the housing.

 OVVO meets consumer demand for convenience and sustainability, giving its customers’ products a competitive edge. Furniture assembly is made simple – no need for tools, glue or screws.  Simply push, click and connect.