In the meticulous world of furniture and joinery production, precision, safety, and efficiency are not just goals but necessities. Daltons Wadkin understands the pivotal role that skilled operators play in achieving these benchmarks. That’s why it offers certificated woodworking machine training courses, designed to empower both new and experienced craftsmen in the industrial and educational sectors.

Bridging the gap between requirement and expertise

Daltons Wadkin’s courses cater to a broad spectrum of participants, from machine operators to those involved in maintenance, setting, and even the loading and feeding processes. As a PIABC Quality Assured training provider with over a decade of experience, Daltons Wadkin ensures that each course meticulously aligns with both customer needs and stringent legal mandates.

Why training is non-negotiable

The UK’s Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER98) underscores the legal necessity for adequate operator training. Daltons Wadkin not only meets these requirements but offers a pathway to operational excellence, enhancing both safety and productivity across the board.

Refresher training: staying ahead of the curve

The HSE recommends that even the most seasoned operators undergo refresher training every three to five years. Daltons Wadkin’s courses are tailored to address various needs, from changes in legislation to the introduction of new machinery, ensuring that your team remains at the forefront of industry standards and best practices.

Comprehensive training for comprehensive mastery

Daltons Wadkin’s training encompasses individual machine units, covering everything from machine controls and safety devices to maintenance and hazard identification. Its hands-on approach, coupled with detailed training materials, guarantees a thorough understanding and application of safe, efficient operational techniques.

Why choose Daltons Wadkin?

Daltons Wadkin is proud to call itself the “UK’s longest-standing woodworking machine supplier”, with a legacy built on a foundation of unwavering quality and innovation. Its ‘red team’ of trainers brings over a decade of industry-specific experience, complemented by a rigorous teaching and assessment methodology.

Join the ranks of the skilled

Whether you’re looking to upskill new team members or refresh the expertise of your seasoned operators, Daltons Wadkin is your partner in achieving operational excellence. Its training courses, available both at your premises and its dedicated Nottingham centre, are your gateway to enhanced safety, efficiency, and quality in woodworking.

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