Kronospan has been manufacturing wood-based panels in the UK for over 50 years. Its Chirk-based site manufactures particle board, medium density fibreboard (MDF), melamine-faced boards and worktops, and the company is proud to claim that it is the “UK’s only manufacturer of laminate flooring”. 

Kronospan’s innovation is more than just the boards it makes, it’s also the decors and designs of the melamine faced boards under the Kronodesign brand. Its comprehensive range covers a wide spectrum of products including 154 MF boards, 68 exclusive worktops, 24 Avant-garde products and much more. 

Discover Kronospan’s design-leading range of coordinated decorative products, carefully compiled so you can complete any furniture project with quality contemporary boards and matching accessories. The company’s global collection is produced across three continents and is available from stock through its express program.

The Kronodesign Global Collection carries a great legacy, one of beauty and harmony. A legacy of woodgrain, stone and colour design that promises to not only be both modern and on-trend, but also capable of enduring the test of time. The Global Collection boldly paves its way into furniture and interior design by making hundreds of decors available for designers and architects across the globe, delivering a whole new world of unlimited design possibilities.

“Kronospan is proud to deliver products with a negative carbon footprint, generating its own green power and minimising waste”

Our world inevitably affects our design search. With the aspiration for a fresher and brighter future, our design journey continues. The human desire to live a comfortable life pushes for new design solutions and Kronospan’s drive to deliver those designs will never stop. 

As a global manufacturer of wood-based panels, Kronospan understands that it has a responsibility to the environment, using advanced technology to extract the highest possible yield from raw materials whilst having the lowest possible environmental impact. 

Kronospan’s products manufactured in the UK are made using timber sourced in the UK, keeping the carbon footprint of its products as low as possible.

The company has also “pioneered the use of recycled timber in its particleboard”, helping it achieve industry-leading levels of recycled content, and making it the sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

 Driven by its ongoing sustainability and the effect this approach has on what the company makes and how it makes it, Kronospan is proud to deliver products with a negative carbon footprint, generating its own green power and minimising waste.