Metallic design accents in interior and furniture design have grown in popularity in recent years, bringing an elegant feel to a space, and adding a unique touch. Meeting this demand, Decorative Panels now offers a range of six brushed metal HPL designs from Kronospan – a leading manufacturer of wood-based panels. 

These modern, sophisticated finishes include Brushed Aluminium, Brushed Titan, Brushed Inox, Brushed Gold, Brushed Copper and Brushed Bronze. The metal decors are made from high-quality MDF substrate, coated with real aluminium sheets, and covered with protection foil. They are suitable for vertical applications such as doors, as well as horizontal surfaces like home and retail countertops, offering a stylish and tactile experience in residential, business, or commercial spaces. 

Brushed Copper, Brushed Gold and Brushed Bronze accents add warmth and nobility to interiors and combine fantastically with most decorative surface materials. Metal HPL Brushed Inox, Brushed Aluminium and Brushed Titan, on the other hand, take us into a more industrial atmosphere.

In an arrangement where straight lines and neutral colours dominate, decorative metal surface additions are an interesting contrast and eye-catcher. They can be used, for example, in the form of a furniture front, which will provide unique focal points in the space.  

If metal accents in furniture are not enough, you can also opt for larger metal HPL surfaces, such as walls. Decorative Metal HPL surfaces are particularly eye-catching, with the advantage that the metallic brilliance and elegance will always be visible and eye-catching, never fading into the background. 

Possibly one of the most evident characteristics of metal HPL surface is that it is a much more resistant material. Compared to other materials, metal is not affected by excessive exposure to light and withstands from the lowest to the highest temperatures. 

Resistance also gives them durability. Metal HPL material can last for many years with minimal care, and can be cleaned very easily. Metal HPL is extremely resistant both to weight and to possible damage caused by use, such as scratches and peeling of edges. 

 Beyond its strength, durability and quality, the use of Metal HPL has also become popular because of the variety of design possibilities it offers. Metal HPLs have simple but unique brushed lines, and the metallic effect integrates harmoniously into any decorative style. 

The designs are available in 3050mm x 1310mm board sizes and MDF substrates of 15mm & 18mm.  

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