Häfele UK has announced it will be distributing the latest slide and pivot solution from Hawa – the Concepta III. 

Balancing functionality and aesthetic, the Hawa Concepta III features recently redeveloped technology which makes it possible to install and adjust slide and pivot doors quicker and easier than ever before.

Created by a select group of architects, planners and manufacturers involved in the design and installation process, Hawa Concepta III overcomes a wealth of typical challenges associated with slide and pivot doors. For example, thanks to a high degree of pre-assembly, and an in-built intuitive and accessible adjustment system, it is almost as easy to fit as it is to operate. Plus, with the technology hidden inside the panels, it makes for a sleek and modern finish.

Available in half-height and floor-to-ceiling designs, as well as for wall units with two, three or four doors, the Hawa Concepta III offers almost unlimited creativity in functionality when the doors are in use, with an elegant, flush-fitting front once closed. Plus, with ergonomic movement support, it’s possible to move the doors both out of the pocket and to close the whole system with just a light tap for each movement, meaning the doors can be made handleless.

Tested for 40,000 cycles and maintenance-free for the entire service life of the product – equivalent to 25 years – Hawa Concepta III is highly durable and reliable and meets DIN EN 15706 as standard.

“Space is a precious resource in our homes, and increasingly designers and installers are being tasked to find solutions that ensure the footprint customers have at their disposal works as hard as it possibly can,” says Elizabeth Briggs, Category Manager for Sliding, Room and Building at Häfele UK. 

“Slide and pivot doors are helping drive forward the endless possibilities when it comes to flexible home design, and the new Hawa Concepta III offers a particularly groundbreaking solution. 

“Simple to its core, with quick installation, prompt adjustment and a multitude of configuration and design options, the Hawa Concepta III looks set to be a game-changing addition to the joinery landscape.”