ConnectControl is the umbrella term for the cloud-based, patented control concept that characterises the latest generation of sliding table saws and spindle moulders from MARTIN. This award-winning MARTIN invention provides users with a uniquely designed, highly powerful control concept that not only opens completely new horizons for machine operation, but also unlocks the entire world of modern data exchange.

New horizons for your workshop

The state-of-the-art technology to operate classic woodworking machines is dominated by electronic controls that are permanently connected to the machine. There is no possibility for multifunctional use of the existing control electronics. These controls are only connected to the Internet in special cases, mainly for maintenance purposes.

With the ConnectControl control concept, MARTIN considers the increasing digitalisation of the work environment, which has also found its way into classic woodworking shops. A central cornerstone here is communication. 

Modern companies and their employees increasingly work with electronic work documents, i.e. tablets, both because the tablet carries all relevant work documents, and because it is a central tool of modern communication.

Smart operation 

It made sense to take this development further and use the tablet as an extended machine control system. With the tablet or the corresponding app, users have access to extensive extensions of the essential machine operation, which run on the 7” screen that is permanently installed on the machine. In addition, access to centrally managed data in the company, such as order data or tool information, is ensured via the tablet or the associated cloud application. 

Of course, every machine equipped with ConnectControl can be operated without a docked tablet and an online connection, but then communication to the “outside” is not possible.

Mobile extension

The intelligent combination of a mobile tablet and a 7” touch screen permanently installed on the machine enables the multi-level operating concept to provide efficient electronic support for the operator directly at the machine.

The tablet also ensures communication between machine and work preparation, as well as between machine and construction site. The tablet as the employee’s central work device guarantees that work processes are perfectly organised, even if changes occur that come into the company from outside. An example of this is a change of plan at short notice by a client, which flows seamlessly to the machine by using modern communication technology. Neither outdated work instructions nor outdated drawings need to be exchanged; everyone has the latest status directly at hand at all times. 

Award-winning technology of tomorrow already exists today at MARTIN

The ConnectControl control concept has already won two awards. Firstly, the innovative design of the control structure was honoured with the German Design Award 2022. Secondly, the innovations realised in this concept have also been honoured with the German Innovation Award 2022.