Crafting furniture involves more than just wood and tools; it’s about precision and efficiency. That’s where Shaper Tools steps in, making the installation of hardware a breeze with its innovative solutions.

Shaper Origin isn’t your typical handheld tool. Think of it as a handheld CNC router – a device that brings the precision of computer-controlled cutting to the palm of your hand. With Origin, you can create intricate designs and precise cuts with ease, without needing a bulky, stationary CNC machine or any CAD knowledge. It’s like having a workshop in your palm, empowering craftsmen with unmatched accuracy and flexibility.

Shaper Origin, alongside Plate, the universal template, simplifies hardware installation like never before. Align Plate to your workpiece and let Origin do the rest to install a wide range of hardware, inlay bow ties, round corners and much more. You can create multiple workspaces with defined grids, correctly placed files and preset cutting depths, for all your repetitive tasks.

Need to install door hinges? Shaper’s Edge mortising adapter for Plate brings even more life to Plate, enabling vertical workholding. Attach to Plate’s base in any one of three positions to provide a reference face and clamping surface to install door hardware, cut awkward joinery, or utilise Origin in any vertical workholding arrangement you can think of.

Shaper also simplifies finding the right hardware with its digital Hardware Catalogue, saving time and hassle. And if what you need isn’t in the catalogue, Shaper’s Connected Caliper can measure parts and send data directly to Origin or your PC with the touch of a button. In an industry where accuracy and speed are essential, Shaper Tools is a game-changer, making furniture fittings more accessible and efficient for craftsmen of all levels.