Since the merger with KDT Machinery, Masterwood has introduced further machines for use in the panel industry.

Over the past few years, its range has expanded to include high-speed drilling/routering CNC’s, beam saws, panel saws, and now a selection of edge banders. These new additions are built by KDT in China, before being sent to the Masterwood factory in Rimini, Italy, where they are upgraded to meet CE regulations, and are now being sold around Europe under the Masterwood name.

The latest additions include:

Beam saws: With sheet cutting sizes from 3200 x 3180mm up to 4300 x 4280mm; these are solidly built, fast-working machines, and can also be supplied with automatic rear loading systems to maximise space and production.

Panel saws: Having already proven a success with sales and good reviews across Europe, the first panel saws from Masterwood are now available in the UK, with the first one installed in June 2023. These high-specification machines are fully computer-controlled for stop, fence and saw positioning.

High-speed drilling: The TF600 range can work on all six faces of a panel in one sequence, plus drill and router panels from above and below simultaneously. The TF600 KT model with a five-position tool changer is proving very popular for its working speed and accuracy.

Edge banders: The most recent developments from the Masterwood/KDT partnership are the single-sided automatic edge banders. Solidly built to reduce vibration and increase the quality of the final product, the machines are available in three models, from entry to high production.

Matrix bed CNC’s

The Matrix bed collection starts with the entry 2500 x 1250mm bed, working up through a large range of sheet sizes, to beds of 7500mm in length. These machines are built with a solid frame bed, with the gantries driven on both sides of the matrix bed for added accuracy and long-lasting reliability.

These can be supplied with infeed and outfeed systems to automate production or as stand-alone machines for smaller scale production. Barcode and label printing systems can also be added.

A new edition, known as the Winner HP, has recently been introduced. This special matrix bed is equipped with a high-efficient vacuum system which allows an MDF baseboard to be fitted and ensures even small components are held firmly in place, while also allowing positioning of vacuum pods anywhere on the baseboard.

Pod & rail CNC’s

Starting with an entry-level Project 250, moving through the larger 300 and 400 Project series to the top-end Project 500 range, these CNC machines can be supplied in all formats for solid timbers, panels, composites, and other materials. This includes long or short beds, cantilever or gantry designs, manual or automatic beds, in three-, four-, or five-axis formats.

Special CNC’s and production lines

Keeping with tradition, Masterwood continues to develop bespoke and dedicated solutions for the solid timber industry. A recent introduction of the Teknoline, a CNC for high levels of door frame production, bolsters the innovative machining options Masterwood offers. Other dedicated machines Masterwood can provide include the 4WIN – for windows, Project Door – for full-size doors, DoorLine – for door locks and hinges, and Teknomat – for window and frame components.

All these machines can be manually fed or supplied with a mixture of automatic loading and unloading equipment, including Robotics.

Dedicated Software

All Masterwood’s machines are supplied with the tried and tested MasterWorks Cad/Cam; an easy-to-use, but powerful package for most CNC work. This software has had regular upgrades to keep up with current advances and includes options for macros to allow simple setting for items like Lamello jointing systems.

In addition, there are dedicated packages to cover staircases, windows, door sets (timber frame & solid core), traditional box windows, cabinets, furniture, louvres, and the latest 3D software for three-, four-, and five-axis work.

Any of these packages can be added to a customer’s machine at any time, giving them the ability to change direction or production methods, if required. All Masterwood software packages come with full on-site installation, and training to meet the customer’s manufacturing needs.


Masterwood GB, the UK and Ireland representative for Masterwood Spa, takes great pride in its after-sales customer service. Not just for the immediate future after the purchase of the machine, but for many years to come. It understands that for first time buyers, CNC is likely to be the biggest investment a company makes, so it’s important that they see the results in their production as soon as possible and feel comfortable with the direction they have taken.

Masterwood has a team of experienced technicians to cover installation and training for new and old machines, software support, servicing, and repairs.