Ureka Global, a long established adhesive business based in Newport, was proud to welcome proudly Cascamite into its house of brands, lauding its uniqueness, high performance and high user satisfaction.

The owners and founders of the original Cascamite were The Borden Company, located in Michigan USA and founded in 1857. Borden quickly became the country’s “largest producer of dairy and pasta products”. The industrial arm of the business produced wallpaper, plastics, adhesives and resins. It was at this time that Cascamite was born and first hit the shelves across America.

A powdered resin adhesive that when mixed with water created a weatherproof glue for the bonding of timber for both interior and exterior applications, the Cascamite product quickly became popular with the timber processing industries and a firm favourite with carpenters and joiners because of its ease of use and reliable bond strength.

Over the last 90 years the Cascamite brand has had a number of custodians, each safeguarding the legacy of this historic brand and crafting its future. The acquisition of the Cascamite brand by Ureka marked the beginning of a new chapter in the story.

Ureka has revived and improved the original powdered formula, delivering the consistency, ease of use and bond integrity from previous decades. 

The original powdered urea-formaldehyde resin glue provides a water resistant product that repels moulds & fungi. A simple and quick mix for both indoor, outdoor joinery and assembly work proving to be more economical than a one part liquid. There are countless stories of extraordinary bond strength and joint or application longevity with the Cascamite brand.

With such a rich history behind the ‘Casca’ name you won’t be surprised to learn that the original trio of Cascamite, Cascarez & Cascaphen has now been joined by Cascapur & Cascamate – creating a current range of five exceptional adhesives.

 Cascarez is a general purpose liquid resin, the fastest, strongest adhesive of its type delivering a bond in 10 minutes, ready to handle in 30.

Cascaphen is a high performance PRF structural adhesive, for waterproof exterior applications that will withstand constant immersion in water.

Cascapur is a polyurethane fast cure wood glue, a multi-application gap-filling product where high strength and water resistance is important. Cascapur has also been successfully tested for the bonding of Accoya.

Cascamate is a fast cure mitre bond kit for use with a wide range of materials, delivering super quick bond integrity in 30 seconds.

  The main challenge for the new custodians is to create awareness of the new Cascamite product while embracing its history and to educate the new generations of carpenters and joiners.

Current adhesive competitors to Cascamite will be liquid applied straight from the container – easy! This is true, but if bond confidence and joint longevity are important, then Cascamite says “don’t risk it – mix it!”

To mark the return to the original Cascamite formula, Ureka is launching a rebrand at the Materials & Finishes Show 2024, with updated packaging and supporting marketing collateral.