In the world of interior design and construction, having access to high-quality materials that align with sustainability goals is paramount. Enter Fundermax, a brand that stands out not only for its exceptional quality but also for its commitment to environmental responsibility. As an official stockist in the UK, Lawcris is raising its stock levels in anticipation of summer projects, ensuring that customers don’t face shortages when they need these reliable materials. Dean Carroll, Product Development Manager at Lawcris, delves into why Fundermax should be your board of choice and how its availability and sustainability set it apart from other brands ...

“At the core of Fundermax’s appeal is its dedication to sustainability,” Dean explains. “Each board is crafted with 56 meticulously chosen craft papers, all sourced from 100% recycled kraft paper. What sets Fundermax apart is that they have complete control over this process, as they own their eco-friendly manufacturing site. This ownership ensures transparency and accountability throughout the production chain. Customers can rest assured knowing exactly what goes into these boards, from the raw materials to the finished product.

“Moreover, Fundermax goes beyond owning just their manufacturing site; they also control the source of their resins. This level of control is crucial because it allows them to maintain consistency in quality across every board. Like a perfectly baked batch of cookies, Fundermax boards offer the same texture and performance every time. This consistency is a hallmark of the brand and a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.

“Another compelling reason to choose this compact grade laminate manufacturer, is its efficient distribution network. Unlike other brands that source their products from far-flung locations, Fundermax boards come straight from the heart of Austria. This shorter distance not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation but also allows for greater control over lead times and distribution channels. Customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that these boards are not only sustainably produced, but also readily available when they need them.”

Bill Parsons, Sustainability Manager at Lawcris, adds: “We are always looking for brands to work with that go above and beyond. Fundermax perfectly aligns with our sustainability goals, standing as a beacon of eco-consciousness in our product line-up. It takes proactive measures to minimise its carbon emissions by utilising renewable energy sources. Specifically, 100% of the electricity used in their production facilities comes from hydroelectric sources. This commitment to clean energy helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigates the brand’s impact on climate change.

“Moreover, Fundermax prioritises sustainable transportation methods to minimise the environmental impact of its supply chain. By opting for trains and boats for transport to their production sites, Fundermax reduces reliance on fossil fuels and decreases carbon emissions associated with transportation. This comprehensive approach to sustainability underscores Fundermax’s dedication to environmental stewardship and sets a high standard for the industry as a whole.”

Lawcris, as an official stockist of Fundermax in the UK, recognises the importance of having ample stock levels to meet customer demand. By raising its stock levels in anticipation of summer projects, Lawcris ensures that customers don’t face delays or shortages when sourcing Fundermax boards. Whether you’re a contractor working on a tight deadline or a designer with a creative vision to bring to life, having access to Fundermax boards next day from Lawcris means you can stay on schedule and bring your projects to fruition without compromise.

“Fundermax’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its manufacturing processes and distribution network,” says Matt Davenport, Sales Manager at Fundermax. “The brand embraces the concept of the “circle of sustainability,” which emphasises the importance of closing the loop on resource consumption and waste generation.

“By using 100% recycled materials in our boards and implementing eco-friendly production practices, Fundermax minimises its environmental impact while maximising resource efficiency. Choosing Fundermax isn’t just a choice for quality and convenience; it’s a choice for a more sustainable future.”

Dean Carroll finishes: “In conclusion, Fundermax emerges as a fantastic choice for customers seeking high-quality, sustainable interior compact grade laminate boards. With its commitment to using recycled materials, ownership of manufacturing facilities, and efficient distribution network, Fundermax sets the standard for excellence in the industry.”

As Lawcris raises its stock levels in preparation for summer projects, customers can rest assured knowing that they won’t be caught short when they choose Fundermax for their design and construction needs. Visit the Lawcris website for a brochure and free samples.