Mirka UK is introducing a new Groove Interface for the Mirka® DEOS II 343CV electric sander, which can be paired with its Abranet® or Abranet® Ace net abrasive to sand door and window mouldings quickly and without dispersing dust into the environment.

The Mirka® Groove Interface comes in two sizes, both have 12 pre-cut segments of 12.5mm each allowing users to adjust to the width of the mouldings they are sanding.

The 75x100 10mm Medium, enables precise sanding of grooves and indentations and the 75x100 6mm Soft offers precise sanding for detailed work.

“The Groove Interface eliminates labour-intensive hand sanding, significantly speeding up the process of precise and detailed sanding," says Neil Newbrook, business sector manager Wood, Mirka UK.

"The pre-cut segments ensure consistent and uniform sanding results across the entire moulding surface, effortlessly adapting to various moulding widths. Combined with our market-leading Abranet® abrasives, dust extraction capabilities are assured, keeping the workspace clean.”