The luxury Hebasca Hotel in Bude, Cornwall, has had a complete fit-out designed and fabricated by local specialist, Nine Design. The £1.6m refurbishment involves a transformation of the bar, bedrooms, restaurant, kitchen and reception area. The new cocktail bar features Hi-Macs solid surface.

The cocktail bar was designed as a focal point and centrepiece of the public area, measuring 5 x 3m. Hi-Macs solid surface has been used for the front facade of the bar, as well as for a striking abstract mural at the back of the bar, which was designed and painted by local artist Patrick Hawkins.

Owners of the Hebasca Group say that the bar design delivers a “no-nonsense, design-conscious delight” where VIPs and locals can kick back with a cocktail, a caffeine shot or a bottled beer. Lighting in the form of an LED colour-changing strip was used to backlight the Hi-Macs Opal on the bar front, which has been designed in horizontal panels interspersed with zebrano wood strip veneer. The material offsets the rest of the bar, contrasting the ultra-modern with age-old, natural, exotic aesthetics.

Included at the back of the bar is a plaque in Hi-Macs, which highlights the corporate Hebasca logo fabricated from Black Granite Hi-Macs with translucent Opal wording.

Adam Hodgson from Nine Design claims that Hi-Macs was an ideal material to work with on the project: “As a solid-surface material it was ideal for the hardwearing, high-traffic area like a public bar counter. It was very easy to fabricate, form and join, and because it is impervious to moisture doesn’t stain or mark. If by any chance it does get scratched or blemished in some way then a brief buff-up brings it back to new.

“The Hi-Macs supplier in the UK, James Latham, was a pleasure to work with and incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.”