Based in Buckinghamshire, Lund Halsey is a market leader in its field and services markets globally. Through its strong commitment to delivering quality products on time, the company is able to meet strict customer deadlines and distinguish itself from the competition.

Each customer’s specific requirements are met through combining modern materials such as composites, aluminium, Corian and steel with traditional materials.  The Lund Halsey design team offers ergonomic layouts based on ISO 11064 principles and with dedicated project managers with specific market sector experience, and each application is tailored to fit with the benefits of ISO 9001 procedures.

At Lund Halsey, production speed and efficiency are factors that are vital to the workings of the business and, with this in mind, the production team got in contact with Magi-Cut Software to discuss a software solution that could support and streamline this production process.

“We had been looking for an optimising solution for some time that could assist us with common issues such as cutting list errors, blank cutting errors, over ordering of materials and waste costs that we were experiencing within our process,” recalls Lee Wakely, CNC programmer at Lund Halsey. “Then we discovered Magi-Cut Express Plus”.

Magi-Cut’s Express Plus cutting list optimiser and sheet layout software was the ideal candidate to reduce costs through yield maximisation, and simplify moving from a part list to the final cutting pattern. With the ability to import part lists directly into the software, the number of actions required to achieve the final cutting patterns are greatly reduced.

Furthermore, Express Plus contains a library for edging and laminates, and a board library against which stock can be calculated and offcuts from previous jobs considered as available stock for new jobs. The user defines what he/she considers to be a retainable offcut size.  Express Plus is highly customisable to the user’s tastes, giving control over the settings (optimising, trim & saw kerf, offcut size), reports and cutting patterns (via the pattern editor).

“After taking advantage of the 30 day free trial we soon realised that Magi-Cut Express Plus assisted us with all of these issues,” continues Lee. “After minimum conversations with the Magi-Cut Express Plus expert team and the added advantage of the online support we very quickly tailored the software to our requirements, thus making it easy to create cutting lists and optimising blanks within pre-logged material board sizes. The pattern previews that the saw operators follow to cut the blanks are key in this operation for maximizing yield and minimising waste.

“We have been using Magi-Cut Express Plus now for a number of months and are extremely happy with the results that the software is giving us.”

Karl Twyford from Magi-Cut Software says that he is “delighted to now be able to count Lund Halsey among our Express Plus users.Their end applications are unique and it was fantastic to see that the level of communication with them during their trial enabled them to customise the software to their own specific needs.”

Magi-Cut Express Plus is available to download for a free 30 day trial, and the Magi-Cut support team is always ready to help with any questions, and can run through the different features of the software through an online remote support session.