Dust Control Systems installed the custom-designed dust plant which serves the manufacturing premises for Showerwall – a waterproof panelling system consisting of high pressure laminate bonded onto an MDF core. Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, the site processes more than 210,000m² of board per year.

Investing in a state-of-the-art dust extraction system was one element of a complete re-location programme which involved moving existing panel processing machinery from the company’s old site, then re-installing and commissioning at the new premises.

DCS engineers were consulted well in advance to fully assess the requirements and their brief was to devise a scheme that would satisfy all performance needs, whilst also achieving minimum downtime by having the necessary plant and equipment in place to reconnect machines as they came back on line.

With an external area on the residential side of the building earmarked to house the new dust plant, Showerwall was resolute from the outset that the system should be silenced to an acceptable level. To this end, DCS installed both the main fan and waste fan within sound enclosures, and the plant also benefited from the installation of an Ecogate on-demand system which optimises fan speeds, thereby reducing extraction volumes which results in lower noise levels.

To complete the soundproofing process, Showerwall commissioned the construction of an acoustic enclosure which surrounds the whole dust plant.

The compact DCS filter employed is an NFSZ modular unit, fitted with high-performance Superbag polyester filter bags. It has an airflow capacity of 20,500m³/hr and is capable of efficiently coping with varying loads of wood dust and chips. The filter plant incorporates a rotary valve and waste conveying system which transfers woodwaste directly to a sealed box cart.

An Ecogate greenBOX12 controller, in conjunction with a variable speed drive, automatically adjusts the speed of the main extraction fan as woodworking machines come on line or shut down – resulting in projected power savings of over 50% versus a traditional system.

Also incorporated into the plant is a spark detection and extinguishing system which comprises a detection zone within the ductwork which triggers a water extinguisher if a spark is detected.

Niki Gething, Showerwall production manager, says: “Everyone here is delighted with the DCS plant which provides us with an automated system that quietly and efficiently goes about the task of dust extraction. We were also very impressed with the standard of work and the way DCS handled every aspect of what was a very time-contingent contract.”