Edward Williams Furniture, owned and founded by Adam Howe, is a specialist in manufacturing bespoke workplace furniture from boardroom furniture to reception desks. Able to plan space for a variety of needs and cater for all furniture requirements, the company offers a complete service to suit any environment.

Regardless of what stage a client is at, be it with complete designs and only manufacturing required or an idea that is still being formed, Edward Williams can cater to all needs and bring visions to life. Every step of the way is a well thought out process and the company’s aftercare service complements the bespoke and unique nature of the company.

Equipped with numerous Felder machines, Edward Williams Furniture upgraded its workshop, significantly increasing the productivity and diversity of its services. Adam explained how the company no longer needs another company to manufacture certain components, as it is now able to offer the complete service from start to finish.

He went on to say: “The machines from Felder make all the difference and I cannot fault Felder or ask for any more.”

The Format 4 Profit H08, the K940S panel saw and G330 edgebander are just some of the machines that has enabled its impressive business growth. A project the company is working on at the moment is a bespoke desk for Mercedes Benz – and Edward Williams Furniture is in control of the whole manufacturing process.

Delighted with the Profit H08, Adam states that a large portion of the jobs it has are from other individuals and companies which do not have a CNC. He then explained how the edgebander paid for itself within one month and the time that it saves is a major benefit of the investment.

Edward Williams Furniture has gone from strength to strength and its continued success is a result of its high-specification range of Felder machines that tick all the boxes. Adam speaks highly of Felder, saying: “I am absolutely pleased with everything – anytime you need them, they are always there and the service is brilliant – all you have to do is ask for help.”
Interested in more machinery Adam says: “It’s all about taking that next step – and the reward is always worth it, as we are now able to offer exceptional accuracy and perfection in all services we offer.”