The rail arm of iLECSYS is pioneering the use of composite materials on railways from disconnection boxes to platforms and walkways. iLECSYS has been instrumental in offering new ideas to Network Rail and seeing this through to the design, prototyping and manufacture of the products. Many of the products that iLECSYS have designed now have Network Rail’s Parts and Drawing System approval.

As an independent company, iLECSYS maintains it has the widest range of enclosures available in the country – from small plastic junction boxes to floor standing enclosures in all types of materials. Over 50% of enclosures sold are customised by the company, whether that be for a few threaded holes or more complicated machining such as rebates and cut-outs for special connectors.

When looking at a suitable CNC machine, diversity and capacity were key. Alex Dalton of Daltons Wadkin visited the manufacturing site in Tring to discuss the requirements.

“To cope with the range of GRP material being processed including structural profiles and electrical cabinets, I recommended the Kimla BPF model.

“The Kimla range of CNC machines can be tailored to meet almost any requirement. In this instance a large capacity machine with a working area of 2.1m x 3.1m was specified with an increased 700mm Z axis. Complete with fourth axis movement for aggregate heads, it made the ideal solution for iLECSYS,” comments Alex.

Daltons Wadkin handled all aspects of the project providing a turnkey installation including training, specialist tooling and a dedicated dust extraction system.

Grace Tipson, founder and managing director of iLECSYS, comments: “Other CNC suppliers seemed unable to cater for the capacity of machine we required. The Kimla has proved a valuable addition to our manufacturing capability and we are exploiting it in ways we had not imagined. Daltons Wadkin have delivered on their continued commitment to support and service.”