Cannon Timber Windows founded by Tom Cannon, is a specialist window manufacturer breaking into a quality niche sector in the market.

Successfully running a workshop single-handedly, Tom caters for a variety of clients, supplying first-class window frames.

Utilising a combination of chemically-modified timbers and high performance frame design, the company can offer a 50 year guarantee. Tom specialises in a few different styles, thus has been able to create an impeccable range of bespoke windows. With an influx of queries and requests for various projects, Cannon Timber Windows just keeps going from strength to strength. 

Tom explains how this is his first workshop: “So this was a big investment and a step forward in establishing my business. Choosing a cost-effective method for manufacturing windows on a larger scale was really important, which Felder has helped me to achieve.”  

After equipping the workshop with various Felder machines – including the Felder K500S sliding table panel saw, the Format 4 profil 45, the A951 surface planer and the D951 thickness planer – he noticed an immediate difference.

Tom states that he wanted machines that would grow with his company as it developed, in order to help future-proof the business. He says the Felder machines have performed above and beyond his expectations, especially in terms of speed, precision and reliability. Tom is delighted with his Felder workshop: “The spindle is fantastic – it’s spot on – and the build quality helps me to achieve superior standards on the finished product. The confidence I have in the machines gives me one less thing to worry about and the machines do the job and tick all the boxes.”

The business growth that Cannon Timber Windows has achieved is impressive and Tom has plans for expansion in the future. Branching out to supply a wider range of windows to a variety of clients is on the horizon. Very happy with the stability and superior build quality of his machines, Tom is able to enjoy the benefits of the significantly increased productivity that Felder has enabled him to achieve.